Ongoing Shenanigans

Carrying on with some pointless randomness


8. Share something you struggle with. 

Resisting Biscuits! This is a daily struggle that I face, I even attempted to limit my biscuit consumption to a reasonable level where I can indulge in my favorite delights. However I frequently exceed these limitations and overdose in crummy scrummy delights.

Is this taking the piss? Am I randomly posting a mundane insignificant ‘struggle’ when anyone else completing this challenge may post something far more deep and meaningful? Or am I honestly facing each day with a mental struggle to keep my diet clean and live on spinach to attempt to continue with my very slow progression of weight loss?


9. Post some words of wisdom that speak to you.


Do I even have to explain why I chose these words?

I’m not even a fan of Reggae or Bob Marley *apologies* but I do love this quote!


10. Write about something you feel strongly about. 

This is an invitation to address some serious earth shattering complex issues which grip the world; Politics? Animal Welfare? Protecting Children? Environmental Issues? Religion? Size and Starvation? Corrupt Governments? Conspiracy Theories? Body Image or Celebrities?

Erm… Nope! I’m going to include an essay I wrote for University, my theme was Genre and I actually feel strongly about genre, because I see so many people blinkered by their own tastes, their world is limited because anything else doesn’t fit into their genre of choice? They become blind to just how much beauty there is in the world…

I guess the actual theme here is ‘Narrow-mindedness’ that I feel strongly about. Open your eyes and ears, branch outside your comfort zone, feel, smell, indulge and explore! Discover a world with so much more…

Essay – Exploring Genre

This essay is presented for your amusement, complete with lecturers comments…


Anne Harrison 02.02.16



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