Hello New Followers

I’ve noticed a sudden influx of new people following me recently…. *Waves* … Welcome to the chaos of a disorganised mind of an obsessive compulsive writer…

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I try to follow everyone back too, because, as well as adoring to blog each day, I also love to read through other blogs that I follow loyally, even the foreign ones, so beautiful, even in an unfamiliar language… (Thank You Google Translate)…

I read more than I write and admire the vast range of Poetry out there and the creative writing I’m introduced to, short stories and even reviews. I feel that there are so many people, who have so much creativity that this needs to be celebrated, perhaps more than a simple like star next to your name.

If you are reading this, then I thank you so much for sharing your work, for allowing me to read your words and to be inspired. Thank you for following me back and I hope I’m not too random at times.

There are 221 beautiful people who follow my humble little page and sometimes, when I visit other sites with thousands of readers, I feel admiration for the blogger and a hint of intimidation – I could not begin to imagine having so many people following my words – I’m not structured or contain a theme, I write without editing, yet above all I love to write and I enjoy this freedom of expression that is open to me.

Thank you for being there, for your words and for putting up with my madness…

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Love, Anne 25.09.18



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Do you ever feel that there is far too much pressure on people to be something that they’re simply not? …

Be slim – be successful – be rich – be married – be a parent – be sexy – be smart – be flawless – be witty – be charming – be independent – be a perfectionist – be opinionated – be … be … be …

So many people are reaching out to be this unrealistic image of perfection, that they forget who they actually are – until you reach a point where you have lost your entire identity to a never ending circle of ‘must do’ in order to ‘be’ that existing becomes exhausting.

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There is like this never ending list of expectations dangling like the Sword of Damocles over our lives, that we are so focused on what we should be – that we forget to simply be!

Spoon fed through the media, pressured by peers, haunted by the fear of failure – we live our lives in a dizzying circle of unrealistic demands – exhausted to the point where only our thumbs can scroll or channel hop. Images pollute our thoughts – Words cast doubt over our choices – Food becomes a sin and if you step out of these parameters you are labelled different – a freak – failure – unsuccessful – useless – a weirdo…

Sometimes I feel as though I live outside reality because I struggle to engage with this frantic image of normality – I feel detached from society in a way, as I don’t fit in. I never have and I have no desire to – perhaps out here in the little realm of my own, I can see clearly this web of confusion which keeps everyone chasing their tails and at times I can feel it pulling me in – then I have to remind myself, to be different means that …

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Anne 24.09.18




Net Free Day

Decided to turn my data off for a full 12 hours to clear my head and get shit done without picking up my phone every few moments when it pings – usually with some spam email…

I’ve also spent most of the day alone in solitude, facing a collection of clutter, seeking out old and outdated ideas, having a general sort out and actually watched a film all the way through without any distractions.

Yet, I don’t know if I have accomplished anything or just shunted piles around to make things look neater.

Going through some old books, from 2015 on wards, I find that I’ve been writing the same things over and over again, without realising it until today, having had the chance to read through some old journals.

I wonder why I keep repeating myself, why I feel like I’m stuck in a loop?

… And I can’t answer that.

Despite the fact that I have had a clearer day, without scrolling distractions, I’m left wondering why I’m still going round in circles?

Anne ~ 23.09.18


Notebook appreciation Post!


With the old Slytherin book so very close to be filled, with only a few pages left to scribble more brain vomit onto, I am facing the dramatic decision as to which new book to distress next…

I’m not sure there is much more I can squeeze into these last few pages and it has been a lovely companion for several years and up until today, I only had one new book to be my next scribble victim.

From the Bond in Motion exhibition in London, I found myself replacing my Slytherin with Spectre… You know, as you do, two evil-ish forces from their own Fandoms.

Then! This Happened!

A Star Wars Boba Fett glorious hunk of sexy stationary! (I’m weird, I know) but the Force called to me and I came home with this little treasure…

I am such a stationery whore, I confess… However, now I’m in a dreadful dilemma…

… Spectre or Star Wars?



Anne ~ 22.09.18


I just *had* to give it a Google didn’t I!? – I was not disappointed …


What Dinosaur Are You?

You got: Triceratops

You’re a tough cookie! Even though you have a brave exterior, on the inside you’re as warm and fuzzy as a newborn kitten. You know what you want and aren’t afraid to stand up for it, even if that means going up against an intimidating jerk whose name rhymes with Ryrannosaurus Tex. You are one of the last dinosaurs standing in history, probably because you don’t take crap from anybody.

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Anne x




Yesterday the skeptic in me embarked upon a Quest of Psychoanalytic theory, with a short and entertaining quiz – Short Freudian Test: What’s on Your Subconscious Mind? – which possibly holds no significant Psychoanalytic stuff-wotsit-thingy-me-bob at all. I confessed that it was a concept I just don’t understand, but I thought it would be interesting and maybe somewhere along the way I might actually learn something about myself … or not …


 … My Answers are in italic.

… Test Answers are in bold. 

… Include your own answers in the comments if you want (or re-blog) to join in?




What do your answers mean?


– Complete Peace-fullness
1 This is your attitude to life, your emotions, and wants.

– Leaves, earth, pine needles – Feeling Grounded. 
2 This is the way you feel about your family.

– Makes me think of home.
3 Your attitude to women.

– Inspiration!
4 Your attitude to men.

– Step over or climb the wall. (question doesn’t indicate height). 
5 This is your strategy for solving problems.

– Have a little to drink then save the rest for later.
6 This is how you choose your sexual partner.

– Walk in the opposite direction! 
7 Your readiness for marriage and starting a family.

– Reach out for whats before me and trust my feet for whats below me …
8 Your attitude to death.

… And after all that, I have no idea, really, what this is supposed to say about myself and my attitude towards these various aspects in life. It feels all so very vague to me. Though at least I had a go, even if I don’t feel I learnt anything – or maybe I have on a subconscious level? Perhaps I need to ponder thoughtfully over my random answers and what they relate to in order to further understand how my mind works…

… Or simply consider it, forget about it and maybe just do another quiz about which is my favorite dinosaur instead!


Anne ~ 21.09.18









Stormy Stormy Night

There really is only one thing to do on a beautiful dark and stormy night, loving the bump and sway.

Feeling so close to nature, appreciating her fierceness and power. On nights like these, curled up warm and cosy. In love with life and the nature surrounding me.

There is only one thing to do…

Anne x