Blogtober Day 18

31 Days of Horror

Obscure B-Movies

Somewhere between awfully lame and quite compelling, you will find a collection of 80’s Horror that were a ‘Video Shop Top Shelf Gamble’ – You really had to risk your pocket money on whether you got a spectacular scare or a spectacular flop …

I mean, there was this one time I hired Legend as a Horror because someone in the Video Shop had put the cassette on the wrong shelf thinking it was a Horror because of Tim Curries’ Demonic character on the cover – I did not expect Tom Cruise Flouncing around with fairies … I still rate Legend as a most excellent film … But it was not what I had expected – Just goes to show – You can’t judge a video by it’s cover!

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One really awful B-Movie which I really actually rated at the time (please don’t judge me too harshly – I was only young). I actually think would benefit from a decent re-boot as it has some weird potential for a low budget obscure cheesy horror, is ‘Curse II The Bite’ – It doesn’t even follow on from the first Curse film – which is so memorable I’ve forgotten it …

However The Bite makes it onto my list because I feel it captures that particular era of Horror, an age of video nasties and crappy effects, piss poor acting and a dreadful story, yet there was still something about it that I really enjoyed and despite all those negative comments, it is still one of the favorite videos from my youth…


A Sideline Challenge

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Thanks to Suzi over on My Colourful Life Blog – I have been inspired to re-watch ALL of The X-Files … In order, with the movies in the correct chronological place… AND not forgetting The Lone Gunmen spin off series (in that correct chronological position too) …

I have done this once before, but that was way before Season 10 came out in 2016… So now I have Season 10 & 11 in my collection, it feels like a good time to revisit this excellent show, turn it into a challenge and log my progress online.

Now, I don’t own a TV, so this is all viewed on an old crappy laptop – with an external DVD Drive (the internal one died years ago) all rigged up to an ancient (90’s) Sony stereo – where only the speakers work and the volume is stuck on one level… I’m really not very technically minded…

I do not watch a lot (because of the above confusing set up system) and I have a dreadful time trying to relax and chill out… So this challenge also gives me the chance to actually sit down and relax a bit – even if it’s just one episode a week! This might actually help me chill out …

… Who knows, if this turns into ‘a thing’ I could follow up the Chris Carter theme with Millennium next?!?!?

I started on Sunday 13th October …

… On the second disc already!

Blogtober Day 16

31 Days of Horror

A Question of Genre?

Horror or Thriller?

Mystery or Psychological Drama?

… But I think we can agree that it was the first Slasher film!

In 1960 Hitchcock created a Masterpiece, that falls into all these categories and in more recent years used as an example of dissociative identity disorder. There have been sequels, it has been remade and turned into a series. But for me, the original is still the superior example of a Classic Thriller turned Horror with a inspiring use of special effects at the time and a musical score which is legendary …

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Day 50

100 Days of Gratitude

Today – I’m grateful that I have got half way through this challenge.

Spending time each day to focus on something that you are thankful for, makes you start to look at life in a far more positive light. To go through the events of the day, or previous day, to seek out those little instances that made, even just a slight difference on the day, these are the moments which matter.

It is so easy to sit down and say you’ve had a shit day – every day is exactly the same – that life is boring, mundane, dull… But once you start to spot these little fragments of joy – the gestures – kind words – a found tenner – dry feet… All these small positive moments are like bright sparks which cut through the crap and help you realise just how magical life can be.

There is an odd sense of a fractured duality running the Gratitude Challenge alone side Blogtober, which I have chosen to focus on Horror. Like I can see within me the very idea of Yin and Yang – the positive/negative – light/dark – however you choose to view this concept. It is like I am creating a form of balance within me by accident…

Except for the oxymoron that I don’t consider Horror a negative element in my life as it’s something I enjoy and I’ve really enjoyed putting together the Blogtober Challenge, so perhaps this balance is simply to find Gratitude alongside inspiration and create a glorious mess while I’m at it …

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