Y – is For …

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I’m seriously questioning my logic for choosing Yoga for Y … I’m awful, really badly dreadfully wobbly awful – So awful I wont even go classes – I confess I use an app and painfully fumble my way through a series of movements – I don’t know if I’m doing them right or not – but at least the cats find it entertaining, or they’re just waiting for their breakfast and are starring at me to try to get me to stop being silly and feed them.

I have one book, one set of Yoga cards and my Yoga mat and that makes me qualified to attempt to make an idiot of myself each morning (when I remember)… If I’m honest, I prefer Tai-Chi & Chi-Kung – both of which I took classes in for over 10 years, but the Tutor retired and although the muscle memory remains, I realise a lot has faded from my mind. I can no longer Meditate and this is rather annoying, but for some reason my mind just wont shut up!

Any hints and tips on returning to Meditation – Would be gratefully received

So I try Yoga – at least it’s something – I might not be great – but at least I try… Even if I perfectly resemble the smaller figure in this series of cartoons by @scarletadrianne – perfectly relate-able!



X – is For …

… Ermmm … X-Ray?

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Just Kidding – Following on from my UFO post the other day – today you have to suffer my obsession with (The) X-Files!

X – is For … X-Files!

I distinctly sitting down and watching the Pilot Episode with my Parents – They hated it, for me, it was love at first sight … and to this very day it still remains my favorite TV show of all time (that and Twin Peaks and Lost) … So, why do I find it so compelling, even after all these years and even though I can accept there there are some seriously cheesy moments, lack of continuity and the perfectly ridiculous.

Well, for starters, I discovered Nick Cave via The X-Files – which triggered another life long love affair. In the episode where Duane Barry abducts Scully and takes her to Skyland Mountain the track ‘Red Right Hand‘ is playing in the car when he is pulled over by the police.

Chris Carter is also responsible for me discovering Patti Smith as ‘Horses’ was used in Millennium – when Frank Black went quite insane and that whole episode got really trippy …

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I digress … and beyond discovering music in the backing tracks, there was so much more that I enjoyed (and still enjoy when I have a series binge) The characters, the sexual tension, the conspiracies, the aliens, the ongoing underneath plot line, the silly episodes, the monsters, the lone gunmen, the music, the government agents and alien hybrids, bees and the staggering amount of times they hire cars or end up in hospital!

I want to go on to discuss the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen (but that’s going to have to wait for another day as I’ve nearly ran out of lunch break and I’ve not included all the links I should have) …oops…

So lets wrap this up, before I run out of time) with my favorite episode and my least favorite episode – ‘Home’ – That episode with The Peacock Family!

… And my very favorite episode – All Things …

… That’s me out of lunch break now and I realise I’ve only scratched the surface of my favorite corner of geekdom here … Perhaps I’ll have to follow this up after the end of my A-Z Challenge ?

I mean … There are so many funny Mulder Gifs to use !!


W – is For …

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*How Obvious*

I mean we are all Writers here, that’s what we do, we write and blog and pour our thoughts, ideas and creativity upon pages and screens alike to produce beautiful, inspirational and thoughtful pieces of writing.

My favorite feature here upon WordPress is the Reader feature and I love nothing more than to scroll through all the wonderful blogs that I follow to bathe in the beauty of words.

There are so many forms of blogs – from the technical data, the meal planner – the permanent daydreamer – the stunning Poet – the political activist – the survivor – those struggling and those who write without words.

Blogging is freedom of expression and a platform for creativity, I admire those who choose to express themselves through words, for I find writing so helpful to me. I can process my thoughts, share my passions, my dreams and failures. This gives me the chance to talk to someone, anyone, without actually taking the time to trouble someone personally. Content in the reality that I have this beautiful small invisible audience that I consider my writing friends.

There is something magical about simply rearranging the same 26 letters over and over again to morph these characters into words which can develop into a mental image drawn in someones mind.

I believe everyone has a story to tell, maybe more than one and as a writer myself, I am also an avid reader – a listener to lives …

We've all got a little bit of magic in us


U – is For …

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… Yes, I went there!

I saw my very first UFO as a child, one lazy summer holiday I was reclining on the sun lounger in the back yard. Playing my favorite game to waste time – absently staring at clouds and see what objects they reminded me of, when I was suddenly aware of a perfectly round metallic object in the sky.

I was frightened and excited all at the same time. It caught the bright sunlight and appeared to glow as it slowly drifted across the blue sky.

I watched my perfect metal globe for what felt like all of 10 minuets (a very long time for child me to sit still) as it went behind a building and appeared the other side, vanished into thick white fluffy clouds then reappeared again and continued its steady trek, until it was totally out of sight and I was left dumbfounded and astounded and instantly obsessed with finding out more about what I had witnessed.

It wasn’t long before I got my first book (from the school book club) upon the subject – a twin set of ‘The Worlds Greatest (insert subject here) Books’

Here began the quest for the truth that predated Fox Mulder‘s obsession by at least a decade! I sought information, in only the way a child who has suddenly become obsessed with a new obsession could. I was a walking weirdo with a head full of useless knowledge, with a desire to visit Roswell and The Black Mailbox.

… Of course, it wasn’t until many, many years later that I discovered that my ‘sighting’ was nothing more than a satellite …

But the seed of obsession had already been sewn and although today I would consider myself ‘Happily Skeptical’ instead of ‘Obsessive Believer’ my most compelling evidence in favor of the existence of UFO’s came from within my own family!

My Grandmother spun a wild tale of a glowing cigar shaped craft she witnessed one night as a child herself. That hung in the air humming with an eerie orange pulsing light – before zipping off into the nights sky at unbelievable speed … Vanishing from sight with a sudden bright flash!

… Bare in mind that my Grandmother was born in 1907, and The Wright Brothers only ever flew their first craft in 1903. So what she described couldn’t have possibly have existed …

… Or was it simply just a wild tale?

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30 days away from finishing my Blog-a-day challenge – 7 days away from finishing the A – Z Challenge and two more posts to follow that and I finally feel I’m on top of my writing – she says – Hopefully …

T – is For …

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…Where it appears that it is necessary to throw your arms in the air everywhere you go – at least that’s the impression you get from Stock Photos on tinternet …

I’m not sure I’ve ever throwed my arms up in the air – but at the tender youthful age of 45 – I have only ever visited a mere 20 Countries outside my native UK … and there is so much more of the world that I want to explore!


Europe:20 (including UK)
Total Visited:21

I honestly don’t know if this is a lot – or a little – I think that all depends upon the individual and their own desire to travel. I know people that have never left the UK and I know people who make my humble list appear insignificant.

So travelling is a personal venture, it appeals to some and for others, they have no interest. Then there are those who always visit the same location every year, finding a Country or Region where they feel comfortable and develop this urge to return over and over again, until it becomes a home from home.

I would love nothing more than to be a travelling blogger and (semi) professional photographer – collecting experiences and sharing my adventures through words and images – with a desire to inspire others to expand their horizon – But this is an unrealistic dream …

My to-visit list equally matches (if not expands) my to-read list – both of which appear illogical goals – but I’m willing to work my way through both – slowly …

So, I’m going to take advantage here to drop in a few photos (again) – tell me where you’ve been in the comments or where you’re from – I’m always seeking further places to visit!

*don’t forget to throw your arms in the air*

The Shard – London
St Petersberg
The Vatican
Monte Carlo
Transylvania (Yes that is ‘THE’ Castle)


S – is for …

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I am a self confessed Stationery addict – and I’m not seeking help!

Yet I still hopelessly get the words Stationery and Stationary totally muddled up… So apologising in advance if the wrong one slips in, while my fingers aren’t thinking …

Basically I’m going to use this Blog to post pictures of pretties, because I can and because Stationery is Pretties, especially Kawaii Stationery (like the random stock image above) …

So I took a few pictures – because – like I need an excuse – because STATIONERY!

(some of) My Current Journals

(some of) My Washi Tape Collection

PENS! – So many Pretties!
Current Smash Book in Progress!

On Holiday, I did treat myself to some really graceful Pens from Venice – though now I feel too frightened to use them as they’re too posh for my plastic pink collection – definitely more the kind of items that would be used by the most glorious Journal influencer @skybambi … But, I still so want to try to learn calligraphy … one day …

So … What lives in my travelling stationery set?

Case from Typo

The Stationery set that lives in my bag, for Journaling on the go … Well I tried to take a short 30 second video of everything I squeeze into my pretty little case – but it was too dark and my music was to loud, so I deleted it … The photo is still pretty dark (apologies) but I’ve included it anyway!

Travelling Pretties!