Day Two of 100 Days of Hell

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100 Days without Chocolate

I promise it’s not going to be 100 Days of Gifs …

Musical Advent Calendar – Day 5


Grease is a 1978 American musicalromantic comedy film based on the 1971 musical of the same name by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. Written by Bronte Woodard[2] and directed by Randal Kleiser in his theatrical feature film debut, the film depicts the lives of greaser Danny Zuko and Australian transfer student Sandy Olsson who develop an attraction for each other. The film stars John Travolta as Danny, Olivia Newton-John as Sandy, and Stockard Channing as Betty Rizzo, the leader of the Pink Ladies.

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Phrases and Sayings …

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Do you ever find yourself saying/texting the same phrases or sayings to friends? Do you find that you reach out and express yourself in such a way that you might sound like a broken record?

I (try to) contact and connect to my closest friends once a month with a cheery text message, because I am not on social media, and have no interest in returning to social media, this is the easiest way to keep in contact.

Sometimes I get a reply, sometimes I don’t … However I have discovered that I use the same two phrases more often than not …

Are you OK?


Is there anything I can do to help?

I get a wide range of replies which helps me understand and realise that everyone, usually, is going through their own shit, whatever that may be. Life isn’t easy at times and in a text message I find people are more open than the publicly expressed version of themselves online. I appreciate the fact they can share things with me and although I’m not always able to help (physically) I always offer and sometimes listening is enough … Asking is enough … talking is enough … That connection and contact that shows you care, even from a distance …

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I wondered why I always asked these two questions, then realised, I’d like someone to ask me: are you OK? Is there anything I can do to help? …

Shifting Perspective

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So, I hate Christmas… I can’t be alone in this notion and yet I’m not usually so open and honest about my feelings – I guess emotions are raw currently and I don’t feel like celebrating anything other than getting through another day without going insane.

However, I’m determined to bathe myself in glitter as I dip my toe into the festive season and try to embrace some of the joy this time of year is supposed to bring. Instead of being so Bah Humbug and hiding myself away from the world.

OK – So things aren’t great – this is true for many people and my challenge to embrace gratitude has helped me shift my perspective on daily life, finding these sparks of gratitude each day has helped me wade through some tough shit just recently and this in turn means I can help others without wallowing in the pits of self pity and woe.

My Dad has always loved Christmas, he is the permanent big kid and I feel compelled to wriggle out my comfort zone, dangle up some holly, sprinkle even more fairy lights around the place and bathe in glitter.

Wish me Luck

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Gratitude Finale

100 Days of Gratitude

Day 96 – Saturday 30th November – Having cancelled an afternoon out with ‘the girls’ (friends I still have from school) to look after my Dad… They instead turned up at Dad’s Boat as a surprise, with games and chips and a cheerful smile …

Day 97 – Sunday 1st December – After everything that has happened recently and feeling so thankful to have Dad home, I welcomed an afternoon to myself and promptly slept!

Day 98 – Monday 2nd December – For the very lovely lady at the WRVS who is going to help me help my Dad with his rehabilitation.

Day 99 – Tuesday 3rd December – For the past 10 years working with an extraordinary colleague who retired today. For all he taught me in the job, for his dry sense of humour and little quirks, which I shall miss dreadfully…

Day 100 – Today! – For getting to Day 100! For completing this challenge ans learning more about myself and my life as I look for things to be grateful for in each and every day, even if the day is really shitty, there is always a spark somewhere which makes each day magical…

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Musical Advent Calendar – Day 4


Cats is a sung-through musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on the 1939 poetry collection Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot. It tells the story of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles and the night they make the “Jellicle choice”, deciding which cat will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new life. The musical includes the well-known song “Memory” as sung by Grizabella.

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One for my bucket list, this one …