Lock Down Entertainment

Day 72

It’s raining, so I can’t play outside and wallow in the sunshine. Plus I spent all morning clearing out Dad’s property and spent the afternoon in some form of numb void…

Then I noticed… Jazz Puss had a tufty patch of fur near his butt, but not on his butt, actually it was more like his thigh… So out comes the cat brush and I gingerly approach the tuff with the spiky side of the brush, fully expecting a fact full of claws… But no… Jazz Puss observed curiously as I carefully groomed his coat until it shone silky and he looked so smart… There was even a (very) small purr of approval and afterwards some serious licking before even more sleep.

Joy I decided would be my next victim… I mean client… As she has only three legs, sometimes her fur is thicker under her right chin as she can’t do the whole back leg chin scratch action. So some serious grooming was required… And she spat and hissed and growled and attacked the brush (thankfully) eventually stomping off in a huff to sit outside in the rain sulking at me… I did get a lot of loose fluff from her coat and upset Ms Princess Paws at the same time…

Casper watched the whole ordeal with one eye open and as soon as I de-fluffed the brush it was his turn for a rub down… My word! What a pamper puss, he did roll and fuss and purr and rubbed himself up against the brush where he wanted stroking. I was startled at the amount he shed considering he’s such a slinky cat. He almost appeared disappointed when I stopped.

Finally Joy returned from her soggy sulking corner and everyone had Dreamies before more sleeping…

Yes, I’m bored. But at least grooming the cats provided some light entertainment and now they’re all prettyful and shiny and asleep…

Still waiting for a return date for work, I need to return to work now, I’ve put so much weight on I feel like a balloon, plus I think I’ve made every creative project I own, I on season 7 of the X-files and I’m only ever so slightly mad. But I suppose that’s all part of being a crazy cat lady xx

Princess Paws
Jazz Puss
Casper Cat

The Comments Section

A place worse then hell

The only reason I am currently on Facebook is for updates from work (as I couldn’t access my works email address from home) well… Thanks to technology and some brain hurty instructions, I have my works email address working and yet I’m still drawn into scrolling away on FB…

I don’t know why, when I already understand that it is a negative place to explore… Made even worse by… The Comments Section…

I do not understand some people’s mentality when they openly insult people, make vile remarks, incite hatred and generally are there to cause trouble.

The trolls come out on mass when they need to have their voice heard and stir up shit for everyone else… Please remind me why I bother? It used to be fun, now I see more advertising than friends posts and more trolls than any intellectual discussion. Swiftly resorting to vile language and insults to anyone that has an opinion.

I know I shouldn’t go there, I should just stay clear of the comments section, I shouldn’t look… But it’s like a car wreck of chaos, I’m drawn in, I’m wondering if these people actually believe what they’re saying, if they talk like that in real life, or if they’re mainly bots designed to troll pages.

I try to understand how these people would hold a conversation upon such topics, at work or with their families. Would they use the same derogatory language? Or is the comments section the only place they can vent.

How many mothers would be discraced at such threatening language their children had grown up to use in the Internet to insult perfect strangers. Are manners not taught in families anymore? Are morals absent from upbringings? I understand, not everyone is raised the same, no two families are alike and we are all individual but being an individual doesn’t give us the right to insult anyone who disagrees.

I am not my opinions. I am an individual who has a collection of opinions based on life experience. My opinions do not defy who I am, for they may change as I learn. My opinions fluctuate as I continue to develop as an individual.

Therefore I keep my opinions safely away from the comments section for I care not to be judged as a person on the strength of my opinions alone.

You can comment here though, I’ve never experienced a negative response on WP, only support, encouragement and sharing information.

It’s time to step back from social media once more like I had at the start of the year. Now I have my email working, I don’t need the updates through FB and I can set myself free from the comments section and the drowning amount of advertising…


I’m not tired…

So I made a coffee and sat watching the birds come down to the feeders for breakfast. I feel some form of peace for the first time in a long time as I watch my feathered friends going about their daily lives.

The cat is curled up at my feet purring softly and a few whisps of steam from my mug catch the early rays of light. I love this time of day. There is a stillness in all the activity, for most of mankind slumbers soundly and nature is flourishing in the dawn of a new day.

I want to preserve the moment as they feel few and far between. Or perhaps simply we walk past them, unaware of the beauty before us too glued on our small screens that we fail to notice nature simply goes on around us.

Aston Martin Wreck

The aftermath of a Bond stunt …

From the Bond in Motion Exhibition London 2018 – remains of the Aston Martin from Casino Royale (2006) … Yes, it said ‘Do Not Touch’ … Yes, I disobeyed… but it’s not every day you’re up close and personal to movie stunt record history. So I gave it a poke and no one noticed!

20 Random facts about me …

… if I can think of 20 that are interesting?

1. I started playing D&D in 1988 – I still play now.

2. I lost count of tattoos after 40-ish – still not finished.

3. I have travelled to Japan and incredibly avoided eating fish.

4. I have seen a Ghost a UFO and experienced missing time (during the UFO encounter) and yet I am still skeptical.

5. I am an ex smoker an ex drinker and an ex wife.

6. My natural hair colour isn’t really pink.

7. As a child I had a letter printed 2000AD and got a free mug!

8. I have a strange addiction to both fairy lights and glitter.

9. My favourite Pokemon is Eevee.

10. My cat Joy only has three legs.

11. I have (on separate occasions) been bitten by a snake, a swan and a bat.

12. I reached over the barrier at an exhibition to touch James Bond’s Aston Martin from Casino Royale (2006) and no one noticed.

13. I went to a gig with my arm in plaster and cracked my cast in the mosh pit.

14. I wanted to be a Fashion Designer when I was tiny.

15. Is a Jaffa cake really a cake or a biscuit?

16. I have these weird moments where I feel completely detached from reality.

17. My poor blog has no continuity, but neither does my life.

18. I once appeared on TV

19. I have always wanted to see Phantom of the Opera in London. I finally got tickets – for March! *drat*

20. I didn’t think I was going to get through this list!

An open letter to Anxiety

Hello my old friend…

You have wormed your way back into my mind again, like a parasite you gnaw away at my thoughts until my body is immobile from fear.

These fears are deep rooted, a collection of events and circumstances has let you into my head again, unleashing tears, destroying appetite, twisting a knot of pain in my chest.

Yet I can do nothing.

There is nothing to do to resolve this matter, but wait, wait to hear from someone somewhere to inform me that paperwork sent off in March is sorted … this wait is delayed by global circumstances and global circumstances in turn mean I’m obsessing over my fears and my mind gathers other shit to collect with this one issue.

Manifesting in a combination of unrelated unresolved issues, some real, some fantastical and I’m alone throughout this all. For there is no one to share my fears with, no one to talk to. Nothing beyond the steady flow of water outside my window and a horrible feeling of dread.

Anxiety, caused by one thing, snowballed into everything fucking wrong that I can dream of, plus my inability to do anything but wait, means that I am your slave until some form of notification can release me from your grip. I crave relief, but I fear the worst, because anxiety is good at its job.

So I hold my breath as I have done these long weeks, knowing that there is still nothing I can do but wait and try to grasp some light in the darkness of my mind. ..

A Question of Language

Personal Perplexing Ponderings…

I must be getting old, I’ve opened two links today upon various topics and found myself completely baffled before I’ve finished reading the first paragraph.

I confess, I’m not exceptionally clever, I just string words together and hope they make sense. But I am clearly not up to date on buzz words and phrases.

The two articles I attempted to read were on Gender and Race. However I found myself Googling terms used more than trying to read the article and the more terms I Googled the more baffled I became with trying to understand the message behind the articles.

Perhaps this is through some form of ignorance on my behalf, for I have not kept myself up to date on the forever changes to language or perhaps it’s because I’m not very politically minded and a lot of these words appear to be driven from that form of background.

Shouting your agenda to the masses might make you feel elevated and sound intellectual, but your argument is getting lost in a whirlpool of Googling to try and understand your argument in the first place.

Sadly this simply causes me to loose interest and scroll by. It’s not that I choose to be ignorant, it’s the fact that the research behind attempting to understand your argument simply leads to further confusion.

I feel like I’m sitting in the dark and keep pulling on light bulbs until I’m blinded by the light, instead of being illuminated.

Perhaps it’s just me? Perhaps it’s easier to be left in the dark? Or perhaps the use of language has evolved so deeply that you can use a thousand words to say ten and still not get to the point?