In or Out my Box?

Hello You Lovely Funky Little Kittens,

To my adorable invisible audience out there, welcome to my blog, my peaceful(ish) corner of cyber space. Where there will be nonsense, rambling thoughts, random rants and pitiful attempts of creative writing. So you have had fair warning!

I started this blog last year, or maybe it was the year before, the initial idea was to use this as a platform to present my writing as I muddled my clumsy way through a Creative Writing Course at Leicester University. Then I got bored with the lack of structure, deleted everything and started again in November (2015) with a little more passion.

At this point I suppose I could bibble on relentlessly about the whole hows and whys, but I’m quite sure that those details will appear haphazardly throughout my various posts. So instead I shall invite you to explore my writing, my thoughts and little snippets of my life.

Don’t be shy, say Hi if you like and Thank You for stopping by …


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