Hit and Miss

How writing is a balancing act

I’m not going to lie to you, I hated my last post. The idea felt comfortable in my mind and yet when it came to tapping those keys there were too many external distractions. Someone talking, phone ringing, text message ping, an email popped up on the screen, my lunch, a half cold coffee …

My focus was shattered by so much background noise, the idea became drowned out and I should have simply stopped, pushed the idea aside until I had a clear hour to write, but I ignored my own instincts here. I persisted with a half arsed attitude and the idea became lost in a jumble of nonsense written through a fog of distractions.

Writing at my desk again is unique currently, as is being back at work. The noise that comes with it, the constant pull and flow on your attention makes it difficult to focus and my idea became mutated into something I felt unhappy with.

I should have turned my phone off, ignored the email, sat at a different desk, eaten first, made a fresh hot coffee… Stopped… Just stepped away from the PC, accepted that the idea wasn’t working at that stage and gone for a walk.

But we persist through distractions, texting on one gadget, typing on another. Instead of just narrowing down our focus to one item and making that our priority. Attention is fractured and as such, the idea too became a lame product.

Being away from all this chaos for four months makes you realise just how splintered our focus is on a daily basis. We feel obliged to answer texts instantly, read the email at once, pick up the phone instead of letting the answerphone take the call.

Time is a precious commodity, lunchtime even more so. Recreating a writing schedule around this hour, when I have access to the Internet is a bit hit and miss currently. Though we learn from our mistakes and even though I hated that last post, I won’t delete my error and try again, for it remains to remind me that focus and time are precious and you can always turn your phone off …

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