The Problem With…

Blogtober – 31 Days of Horror

… Ohhhhhhhhhhhh it’s a good idea in theory, to post about a horror movie that I simply adore, one for each day of October, putting my own little twist on the Blogtober challenge (I feel I should apologise in advance) there will be Zombies!

However, I have discovered a significant flaw in my cunning plan … That is, I decided to actually plan ahead (Yes please don’t faint – I’m actually doing a wee bit of planning for my Blog for once) and create a list of horror films that I simply adore, which is a reasonable place to start and so I started scribbling some notes…

*after a few hours*

Now… How the hell do I narrow it down to just 31?

Image result for puzzled gif

15 thoughts on “The Problem With…

      1. Ooh! It’s a challenge of sorts! Don’t want to spoil it too much but it’s a bit of a life assessment thing, 3 questions that I will be answering every day (the same questions) and at the end I’ll do an analysis of how it went! I was going to do 31 things about me but I can’t really think of 31 that would fill a post each day! Lol! Xxx

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