Getting Old … Or being a permanent big kid?


I don’t readily accept my age, not that I live in denial, it’s just that I don’t ‘feel’ my age. Neither do I consider my age to be old in any way. I’m 44, a middle aged woman, who is on the verge of being peri-menopausal.

In my heart I am a huge kid, that rebellious teenager with tattoos, piercings, bright pink hair. I connect more to comic books than pension plans. I collect Nerf Guns, Cosplay and Jedi wave my way through automatic doors …

In the last week, on August 20th, this date marked a significant anniversary in my life. This date 30 years ago in 1988, I attended my first ever huge music festival.

Donnington Monsters of Rock and I can say … I was there …

I wanted to write about this, to share my thoughts about being in the crowd, about the bands, the memories, the day that changed my life and fused this date into my mind forever. But my strongest thought is that 30 years, really doesn’t feel long ago!!


Today, for the second time this week, I have been greeted with a blast from the past. Attending a small exhibition ‘May the Toys be with You‘ a Star Wars themed collection at the local New Walk Museum (Leicestershire). I never thought to be struck with such a vivid memory…

For the second time within a week, I am faced with a detailed memory, of a deeply significant event, which served to make me who I am today.

Twice I am finding myself with the ability to put my hand upon my heart and say to myself … ‘I was there’ … ‘I did that’ …

Perhaps you know you are getting old when an event you attended is on display at a museum!!

But in my mind,  I’m like, just how many more powerful memories can I collect in the next 30 (ish) or more years?!

Anne Harrison 27.08.18

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