If you don’t post it on social media – did it even happen?

I have had a long, tiring, yet tremendous day. Seen some unique items and iconic cars. Casually strolled past historic landmarks and explored hidden spaces.

I have taken so many photos, walked 18,000 steps, travelled to the capital and back…

…yet the only image that graced any social media platform was a stunning piece of street art. So, is it ironic that I choose to write about my adventure, without actually, technically, writing about my adventure?

I put my phone away today, turned it off and slipped it to the bottom of my bag. I wanted to walk with my hands free, I wanted to admire the towering skyline, the architecture, the world above and free from a small glowing screen. I wanted to absorb my surroundings, not fight with constant distractions.

However, during my technology free time, I couldn’t fail to notice just how many people are glued to their phones. Neck bowed in what really looks like a painful position, grinning taking selfies, or ranting loudly to someone else.

The air is a buzz with hashtags and likes or 26 photos uploaded of the same meal. Check in at each location…. Got to let the world know, got to fish for those 💖 😊👍

I think I enjoyed my day more without needing to document every detail, taking the time to put my phone away, that’s like committing the highest form of rebellion and I enjoyed rebelling!

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Anne 09.09.18



Decided to reactivate my old DeviantArt page, in a vague attempt to connect Photos to places to adventures and exhibitions, all on one site. So I don’t clog up my phone memory, tablet memory, SD card memory, memory stick memory, external hard drive memory with a vast quantity of half crap photos.

This is just an idea at the moment and defiantly work in progress (possibly until I’m 80 – as I horde everything and hate deleting anything). So bare with me, I’ll try and link Photos with blogs where they go together. If nothing else, it should give me something else to do besides absent boring scrolling!

How much will actually get done? – I can’t answer that – but watch this space:

DeviantArt Gallery


Anne Harrison 17.08.18




Think Tank

11th Aug 2018

A place where Nature rubs shoulders with Science and Technology to explore Industry and the Human Body in a collection of unique active and interactive displays. Perfect for small people, big people and all curious minds.

An unplanned trip following a mornings exhibition elsewhere and taking the chance to use a voucher I acquired from an earlier trip to Birmingham. Not many places where you can find a Spitfire hanging from the ceiling!

This is a new idea of mine, to explore places I’ve visited. However I am not strong at reviews, I do love to take photos, many, many of which never get shared and just clog up the memory in my phone.

Besides, reviews are merely another persons opinion and it’s hard to judge a place based on the words of another person, as it’s always nice to explore for yourself and form your own view based on your experience.

Think Tank is another placed ticked off my ‘To-Visit’ list.

Anne Harrison 16.08.18

For More Photos, Please Visit My Think Tank Gallery


Beyond Writing

Personal Blog, art musings …

I’ve actually found a little time today and earlier on in the week to dust off my old paint brushes and pick up where I left off earlier this year with a series of abstract paintings. The joy of waiting so long between building up the stages of the paintings is that I can drastically change the whole appearance of the work.

By that I mean I’ve been cutting up a lot of what I’ve done and rearranging by weaving the designs together, creating checkboard patterns of various colours and textures… in theory… because in reality I really haven’t got a clue what I’m doing most of time, actually, all of the time. You see, I’m no artist, I don’t even pretend to be,  I can’t draw and I simply mess around with paint, acrylics and watercolours.

I’m in love with texture and colours, patterns and shades.  I adore various mediums and despite not having a clue what I’m supposed to be doing. I tend to make a glorious mess.

Among  my passions I delight in visiting art galleries… just as music/novels/movies… I do not hold a singular genre in favour. Preferring to explore many known (and unknown) artists alike. Travelling to London and Liverpool to explore exhibitions. I’m inspired,  though I lack any skill or talent. I paint, like I write  (or sing) not because I’m any good, but because I simply love too…

Having no burning desire to be something I’m not really gives me the freedom to enjoy what I do for my own pleasure… if nothing else I’ve made a glorious mess and had fun doing so…




Anne Harrison  29.05.17