UGH … Why Do I Do this to Myself?!

…So, I’ve been back on Facebook 3 days and I’m already exhausted with the amount of negativity swamping my newsfeed. I don’t understand why I find Facebook so desperately depressing? It’s almost as though people deliberately seek out the most ghastly news and share it, so they can share their outrage and disgust, provoking others to engage and reply, spiraling this web of despair deeper, breeding negativity and in turn making Facebook a horrible site to visit.

Maybe it’s just me? Maybe it’s the people I follow? Which is a distressing thought as I know people personally on there. Maybe these negative posts just stick out more than others as they get bumped up by more replies.

Or maybe we are conditioned to be negative to make us complain and seek happiness in more material objects – getting gratification from one-up-man-ship and our own sense of self importance.

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…So, How about instead of embracing the doom – Lets focus on the positive!


  • What have you succeed?
  • What have you done that you are proud of?
  • Look at your achievements
  • Seek out beauty
  • Share a smile
  • Help someone
  • Ring / Text someone – Just let them know you care
  • Be proud of yourself – of who you are and how far you have come!
  • Dance! Put your favorite tune on and jiggle that ass
  • Watch a favorite childhood cartoon on YouTube
  • Tell bad jokes
  • Make your own list of lovely thingies!


Share anything you want in the comments, which has brightened your day, lifted your spirits and made you laugh – Add your achievements – Embrace yourself and know that you too are significant – You have a right to say ‘I did that’ and it made me feel content and passionate about my life!

We are never, ever going to escape the doom and gloom in the world – we can’t always be positive all the time – but a little sunshine goes a long way …

Have a most beautiful day xxx 

Love, Anne xxx



If you don’t post it on social media – did it even happen?

I have had a long, tiring, yet tremendous day. Seen some unique items and iconic cars. Casually strolled past historic landmarks and explored hidden spaces.

I have taken so many photos, walked 18,000 steps, travelled to the capital and back…

…yet the only image that graced any social media platform was a stunning piece of street art. So, is it ironic that I choose to write about my adventure, without actually, technically, writing about my adventure?

I put my phone away today, turned it off and slipped it to the bottom of my bag. I wanted to walk with my hands free, I wanted to admire the towering skyline, the architecture, the world above and free from a small glowing screen. I wanted to absorb my surroundings, not fight with constant distractions.

However, during my technology free time, I couldn’t fail to notice just how many people are glued to their phones. Neck bowed in what really looks like a painful position, grinning taking selfies, or ranting loudly to someone else.

The air is a buzz with hashtags and likes or 26 photos uploaded of the same meal. Check in at each location…. Got to let the world know, got to fish for those 💖 😊👍

I think I enjoyed my day more without needing to document every detail, taking the time to put my phone away, that’s like committing the highest form of rebellion and I enjoyed rebelling!

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Anne 09.09.18