Milestone Mayhem 

Some happy musings…
So, my silly little ‘notsoshortshortstory’ has reached the milestone 50 posts!

I hardly imagined that a simple workshopping story from my old creative writing class could have developed into quite a lingering tale, which is still flourishing nicely…

I appear to be collecting milestones here currently,  apart from Part 50… I now have 150 people following my humble little blog…  *Waves To Everyone*

Thank you everyone,  I know it’s only a baby blog and many of you have thousands of readers…  But I’m so thrilled,  especially for people putting up with my brain dribble…

Also!  This happened:

And then:

Followed by:

*Does happy little Dance*

Thank you for being there and helping me achieve this lovely collection of milestones.
Love Anne x