Hunting Landscapes

A personal reflection on this weekend’s essays…

I’ve shared some of my fears and thoughts openly over the last few days, I’ve been inspired and neurotic and suspect the full moon just might be toying with my sanity. I wanted to reflect upon what I have included on my blog in current days, I do have Part 29 in mind but I have found myself distracted, drinking in such articles … INVENTING RAUSCHENBERG: THE ARTIST AS ENGINEER  and Adrien Brody on Why It’s Never Too Late to Become an Artist and Joan Mitchell American Painter and Printmaker and The Birth of Non-Objective Painting

… Just in case you’re wondering where my heads at…



Please, read, share, absorb… I’ve deliberately wanted to include these links because they have brought me so much joy recently. I have also had the privilege of attending a talk and exhibition by the incredible Semiconductor at The Phoenix, which only added to all this whirling inspiration and my desire to create… Even if I create nothing more than a mess!

However there are layers to my insane sprawling paintings, I want to strip away most of all the work, I want to find the hidden landscapes within the ‘pictures’ to leave myself with an alien horizon that I can attach to a poem or incorporate into my ever expanding short story. I’ve started editing and that now each piece has shared with me its name I can include you all with this process, I’ll try not to bore you too much and I promise I will also get back to my tale.

However my blog is more than just a one trick pony, so sometimes you will need to wade your way through my personal mental vomit to find your way back to the adventure. It can be quite a ride, so hold on tight and we shall see where the unknown takes us from here…


Anne Harrison 13.02.17

The Black Boarders Collection


Soul Brothers


Ice Waves


Pure Cleansing


Sand Waves


Spirit Soaring


Burnished Flag


Seven Sisters


Dark Waters


Collection inspired my Joan Mitchell
Now they have all given me their names, I’m happy to share them …
Mixed media… Lots of mess! Another Non-Artist creation …

Anne Harrison 12.02.17

The Black Boarders…


A collection of 8 abstract paintings,  all with black boarders… think I got more paint on myself and the table,  I can’t share my creations yet, they need words to give them life…

Plus… the paint really needs to dry…

Anne Harrison 12.02.17

The Creative Imposter

I am in love with the arts, my passion expands beyond writing,  I adore painting,  but I am no artist.  I try to take pretty photos, but I am no photographer.  I write possibly each day, but I know in my heart I shall never be published,  my art will never grace the walls of any gallery,  my photography will never be found in any magazine and my next project will probably amass to nothing either.  Basically, because it doesn’t matter…

… I crave not fame and fortune,  I can not adhere to the strict ‘rules of writing’ I use far too many words, I tell don’t show… Instead of show don’t tell… and I use far too many dots all dotted around the place in dot like chaos…

I write,  I draw, I paint, I snap photos because these are things I love to do and mediums I admire.  I attend talks by poets, who can stand before an audience and share their words beautifully,  I will travel the country and even abroad to visit museums and galleries to witness displays attend exhibitions of world famous artists and also find local artists hidden in pub attics in small side streets… falling in love with the colours and lines, the words, a dance… inspiration surrounds me, I find beauty in the mundane, a leaf in a puddle becomes a boat for captain ant and his band of merry pirates.

My love delves into music, though I can not play an instrument (yet) I love the world within movies, books, stage and screen,  comics, heroes,  villains, aliens, the macabre, the tortured souls trapped in pages of a dusty novel.  The unknown,  the supernatural,  the inner realms of sincere spirituality…

My name will never grace anything more than this blog and that my friends,  is enough for me …


Anne Harrison 11.02.17