Happy New Year


Here we go again … after a brief interlude of indulgence, the promises of the future changes are upon our lips, though motivation is buried somewhere under a pile of Christmas chocolates and the New Year feels more anxiety driven than inspiring.

Everything feels shiny and new, yet it’s all exactly the same. Such is the enigma of our lives. However it doesn’t have to be so, my goals this year are linked with my forthcoming 50th Birthday this year, my success with last year’s challenge and the need to address what does and does not suit my life. Which will mean letting go of clutter, both mental and physical.

The Pandemic no longer feels like a crutch of excuses as issues that were neglected during this time will need to be finally faced, and my first journey overseas since 2020 is fast approaching in a few weeks. So my head is all over the place currently, which is counterproductive and just steals sleep with worry.

One thing therefore I aim to adopt this year, is to cease reaching too far ahead and to simply take one day at a time, tackle one thing at a time and be more still in my mind.

I have no unrealistic time frames for my next goals and I hope you’ll join me along for the ride as I recap last years shenanigans and look ahead to what mayhem I can cause as I approach 50.


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I’m only a few years older than you. I don’t really have many goals this year except to stay fit and keep writing. Nobody really bothers about my birthday anymore but I hope yours is really enjoyable. Take care.

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    1. I find you can get exhausted with goals, so keeping things simple with no time limit. Hope that you make your own birthday magical this year and do something for yourself xx

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