100% 2022 New Year Resolution Success

… and 2023 challenge

I don’t think I’ve ever successfully achieved a New Year’s Resolution and seen it through to the next New Year. Yet, I am pleased to say that I have been 100% successful with the challenge I set myself in January 2022 – to travel outside Leicestershire at least once a month for a whole year.

With three short trips still planned over the Christmas period to wrap up the year, I have been able to spread my wings and venture beyond my home city… Something that previously been impossible because of Lock Down restrictions.

Occasionally I felt like I was making up for lost time and had an urgency to this goal initially, for I had experienced what loss of freedom felt like and I wanted to do the most I could… just in case…

This feeling/sensation ceased as the year developed and I drew in this need to rush for a more lazy relaxed pace. To really stop and take pleasure in my surroundings. 


What could I possibly challenge myself with next year? I am starting January off in style with a twice delayed trip to Japan, which I would like to Blog about as I’m there (time permitting) I’m currently apprehensive about this trip, more to do with strikes and hold ups in the UK than the actual through of being thousands of miles away from home on my own, but these are only possibilities and one I shall cross when I get there.

Therefore travelling within the UK each month and a long international trip simply wouldn’t be achievable in the first couple of months and I don’t want to set myself up for failure. Hence my new goal is something I’m taking on, which could take a few years to complete and I’m not giving myself a timescale to work within.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, which is to visit every city in England. I’m aware that a few places were added to the Cities list earlier on in the year for the late Queens Jubilee, so I will need a full list of all Cities in England to begin with and check off those I’ve already done. I’m tempted to do the whole of the UK and visit Wales and Ireland more, so I guess we’ll see how that goes.

My biggest challenge is, I don’t drive. So this will all need to be done via public transport. Which will be interesting.

I don’t know how long this will take, but I hope you’ll join me for the ride?


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