The Half-Hour Lunchtime Riddle

Post-Pandemic Changes

The lingering effects of this pandemic can still be seen and felt throughout the world, like a scar that you just can’t help picking at. Getting back to normal, when normal doesn’t feel normal anymore, yet the mundane is agonisingly slow but at the same time life is fast slipping away. We live in this circle of existence that feels flawed and the only way to make sense of it all is to grasp what time we have and then impulsively waste it starring at social media, green with envy of a perfect life that is probably created by a troll bot anyway. Cyberspace is even more flawed than reality, yet we dwell there in the hope of grasping some serotonin or dopamine to get us through another day.

Pre-Pandemic times, I had an hour for my lunch, which gave me the perfect time to write here, to happily blog and share a little of my life in my happy corner of the internet. Now I get just a mere half hour and by the time I have sat down and eaten, lunch is over before I have the chance to open WordPress. The sheer workload on our shoulders has been challenging, not that I’m complaining, I do love my job, but that work/life is heavily swayed towards the work element. Leaving me tired and aching.

I’m looking ahead now, as the festive season fast approaches and with it a New Year. I want to focus on realistic changes I can gain and questioning old goals which serve me no purpose anymore. I am 50 in 2023 and as that milestone is within sight I am more compelled to discard things (and, sadly, sometimes people) that are simply dragging me down or holding me back.

I don’t care to be slim, just healthy. I don’t need to be rich, just mindful with what I have. I can’t wear make up and fashion doesn’t interest me. So my life as a Crazy Cat Lady in training is starting to develop into a comfortable blanket of apathy with a light seasoning of I can’t be arsed and a dash of I couldn’t give a shit. And I couldn’t be happier.

Although time is my one precious commodity, which I do need to be more mindful with, especially when it comes to that precious half an hour lunch break, so I’m thinking maybe the way forwards, without dropping off from writing altogether is simply to adopt a more ‘flash fiction’ approach to blogging with small bite sized lunchtime friendly offerings.

So this is my trial blog, within that time frame and I guess we see where this idea flows …


One thought on “The Half-Hour Lunchtime Riddle

  1. im sorry your work cut your lunch tome. it is not fair of them to have done so. to be really productive, one needs to be rested so one can refocus on the work at hand. unfortunately, employers dont see this and just push workers to limits until they break. why? because they can hire a new person. i have missed your presence here.

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