Part 9

The Secret of the Stone…

Kane had, as a child, been conscripted into the Royal Army when his village was destroyed. He remembered little of his previous life and to this day served loyally to a King and Country which was not really his own. Many troops shared the same story, indeed, it is frightfully similar to the history of The Guardian Hara was desperately trying to save. Though he had been labelled a deserter, if anyone knew Kane had picked up the glittering stone, he would be classed a thief and punished as such.

He had sprinted off after The Prince when he had bolted in fear as the child of the prophecy had been consumed by the black tar…

…  That’s enough of a recap there folks …

It was at the point where he caught up with The Prince, bent double vomiting and trembling with fear, still clutching the blue stone, so tightly in his grip, it cut into his palm. Blood ran down the back of his hand and tarnished the blue glow. Syn felt a subtle vibration in his jerkin pocket… The red stone hummed softly against his chest, calling to the blue stone, crying with a forlorn tone that the young soldier felt emotionally. Suddenly fearing that The prince could sense a similar sensation… If he did, he displayed no outward sign of realisation and indeed went back to the camp on jelly like legs demanding wine and the attention of his favorite concubine.

So Kane withdrew back to his bunk among rows of tents, awaiting orders, desiring solitude. Shortly before the order to disband the camp came through, he had a few precious moments alone to view the stone he had collected.

It was smooth, deep red, like a rich claret, a deep inner glow radiated from the heart of the stone. It was warm, but it had been against his chest and it still vibrated, but ooh so softly. Like the sleeping soothing purr of a kitten. He smiled, cleaning off the dried stain left over from the tar.

“Who are you?” it was a whisper inside his skull “I don’t know your hands.”

Kane nearly dropped the stone in shock, but instead clutched it tighter…

“Kane.” He muttered, glancing around nervously.

“Kane … Hummm… You have a Golden Soul Child…”

He went to say something… but the whisper halted him…

“Someone is coming”  She hissed…

… At that point the order to decamp came through

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