Vanishing Society

This was once a bustling heart of the community. Now four people are in sight. As teenagers we would hang out for hours, now people eat and go.

We would talk and laugh and play on the pinball, put tunes on the jukebox. Puke in the loo and carry on drinking. Now people are glued to their screens, families barely talking, couples hardly glancing at each other. Or there are those who take photos of food… That has always baffled me…

I think The Macc Lads so eloquently put it once in the 90’s with their charming tune ‘What the fuck have they done to my pub’?! – they don’t make tunes like that anymore!

The final people leave the pub and I’m aware that it’s not even 7:30pm the staff look bored, I’m near the end of my drink and have no conclusion for this little tale.

Just a girl alone in an empty pub, enjoying memories of a by gone age and wondering where society has vanished to?

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