One Week Later…

Having had time for reflection

I’ve decided that at times your own mind can also be your own worst enemy. Finding thoughts to cling onto, obsess over and churn around like a washing machine on a spin cycle.

Sleep is disrupted by the head constantly living a daydream life to combat all this chaos and create a false illusion of perfection, when you know full well that thought and action are two very different creatures.

I think I was on the right track earlier on in the year with the habits / habit tracker and that I ended up hating the whole process because I failed to add variety, so that maybe one step forth into battling this slump.

Also! Kitty cuddles definitely help! But I also need to help myself, I am in a much better place that last week and perhaps next week will also see an improvement.

For now, I’ll continue to question everything and hopefully find some focus through this mayhem.

3 thoughts on “One Week Later…

  1. Reflection on recent events or on learning something new is often a good thing, although overthinking can definitely be a detriment. No wonder we try to distract ourselves!

    You have failed at nothing, time to stop punishing yourself, my friend! X

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