The morning after the night before

Still Wriggling

Mood ain’t great, feel like I’ve been run over my an emotional steamroller and I think that a collection of shit that I figured I was handling well, well that simply became a little too much and tipped me from my comfort zone and into a head space I thought I was long rid of.

So, currently there’s only one direction to go from here – up!

And writing helps, it’s my safe space to express myself when I can not talk to others. Though I might be vague blogging, the act itself is comforting and I know that I have quite a bit of work to do on myself, for myself.

Cat hasn’t left my side all night, I often wonder how they know that you need their company, deep rumbling purrs and head rubs. That helps too.

I still have the urge to run away and start again from scratch. But I can’t run away from myself, so I’m just going to have to make peace with my darkness and help her help herself.

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