Birthday Shenanigans

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In case you missed me?

So, I’ve been away for most of the week, exploring and adventuring. As well as taking a break from the internet, which always feels like the ultimate act of rebellion in this age. I think I only used GoogleMaps for some directions, but apart from that (and despite the fact I had free WiFi in my hotel room) I’ve not felt the urge to go online, preferring to wander aimlessly, at times, loosing myself in exhibitions and displays. People watching, reading or writing.

Now I’m back and I feel like I have loads to catch up on, but still feel slightly at odds with being back online – cyberspace feels surreal when you reject it for any length of time, but I didn’t want to spend my trip with my nose stuck against a screen.

Besides – without Social Media I didn’t feel obliged to share my locations, I didn’t feel obliged to post selfies, tag people, upload photos of my trip or check in at venues.

So therefore lays a shroud of mystery as to my Birthday Shenanigans …

However, it’s going to take me a while to catch up and get back into my Blogging, I have several days of Gratitude to sort through – so this might take a while to put together.

Now …

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