Would You Rather (Part 2)

Sent to me by Anonymole in the comments – I couldn’t resist these incredible ‘Would You Rather’ Questions … Originally posted here: https://anonymole.com/2018/01/10/would-you-rather/ – Many Thanks for sharing with me x

Would you rather:

  1. Have your vision expanded to see in infrared or ultraviolet?
  2. At any time, once a day, be able to levitate one foot high and float at will for one hour, or fly as high as you like for one minute?
  3. For one day of the year, be given Harry Potter magic or Cassandra prophetic vision?
  4. Be President of the 2000’s United States for a year, or King/Queen of 1600’s England for a year?
  5. Die in poor health at 150 or die in perfect health of the most tumultuous orgasm any human has ever had at age 50?
  6. Play poker with Albert Einstein or Richard Feynman?
  7. Wake up in a pool of blood surrounded by dead baby goats, or dead baby deer.
  8. Have lunch with Judy Garland or Audrey Hepburn?
  9. Lose an arm-wrestling match with Arnold Schwarzenegger or The Hulk?
  10. Fall asleep reading about the zombie apocalypse or watching The Simpsons?
  11. Be 10% happier or live 10% longer?


  1. Infrared, I think would be most useful.
  2. Levitation, because I would possibly get too high in one minuet and come crashing down in a disgraceful heap.
  3. Prophesy, because I am curious by nature.
  4. King in the 1600’s – Because – Off with their heads!
  5. Old Age – in poor health but of the most tumultuous orgasm any human has ever had (a comfortable compromise).
  6. I can’t play Poker, but I would choose Feynman.
  7. Dead Baby Deer – but I’d like a back story on this situation?!?
  8. Audrey Hepburn – Girl Crush!
  9. Arnold – Childhood Hero (from Conan) would so love to meet him! – even if he’d break my arm…
  10. I possibly have actually fell asleep reading about the Zombie Apocalypse … true story …
  11. Either – tricky choice …
Image result for arnold Conan Gif
Arm Appreciation Gif

6 thoughts on “Would You Rather (Part 2)

  1. I excel at creating psychological quandaries. I have a whole picture set stored somewhere…
    • You’re stranded in a life raft with three other people, who do you eat first? A)…
    • If you jump off the cliff into the raging river, you have a 45% chance of surviving. If you stand your ground, the wolves have a 45% chances of tearing you to shreds. But in if you jump, and survive, you’ll have a 90% chance of protecting the medicine destined to save your family. But if you face the wolves, only a 60% chance the medicine will not be smashed during the fight…

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    1. Can I throw someone at the wolves and make a run for it while someone else is being torn apart then sell the medicine on the Black Market and retire with my ill gotten gains…

      Liked by 1 person

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