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I’m not Religious, but I will defend your rights to believe whatever suits you

I am Spiritual and I have Faith and Beliefs – The closest ‘Religion’ that resonates with me personally is Shinto, though in my Heart I am Pagan / Animist (and Shinto relates to Animism).

However, I’m not going to babble on about beliefs, Childhood memories or how I got in trouble with the Sunday School Teacher for asking why there wasn’t any dinosaurs in the bible … Instead I want to share a very short passage, which is a memory from last year …

(Typed up from written notes & slightly edited)

A singular memory which stalks my thoughts from my recent adventure – was the early morning trip to a Buddhist Temple.

But it was not the morning prayers – haunting chanting or bass drumming that stuck with me the most – though that significantly adds to the experience. It was the singular trip into the netherworld under my feet.

In the Temple there was a tunnel in the ground away from the light – away from the world above. Right hand kept to the wall at all time so you do not loose your way in the utter pitch blackness, this was the only guidance in this night time realm. The rhythmic chanting, drumming from above faded into total silence the deeper you walked until you were dressed in darkness.

No light, no sound, no concept of the floor under your feet – it felt surreal – like flying away into nowhere. The only connection to reality was your right hand grazing smooth stone – worn away from so many hands that had travelled this path – from light into darkness – to the womb of the stone – to be reborn into light as you emerged – the world felt brighter – the chanting louder the colours exotic.

The whole experience felt surreal, yet also comfortable, to follow the black path under the prayers – I loved the sensation, I felt no fear, I felt happy…

… Content

Zenkō-ji (善光寺) is a Buddhist temple located in the city of NaganoJapan.

For basic information on the tunnel – follow this Link


3 thoughts on “333/365

    1. Basically…

      Favorite dinosaur book: dinosaurs ruled the world for millions of years…
      Bible: God created the earth in 7 days
      My 6 year old brain: But? But? But? … Does not compute…
      Asks adult in authority… Why?
      Result… Banned from Sunday School

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