P- is For …

… Well I really very nearly fucked up, I was convinced I had chosen Paranormal or Parapsychology for my P theme, but I wasn’t sure which, so I revisited my initial post – which I’m glad I made now as my memory is rather shite at time, to make sure I got the correct heading – though the content would be similar for either topic. Only to discover that I had chosen Photography instead of anything Paranormal…

Now I usually mentally work over a theme before I sit down at my desk at lunchtime to write, so I have had the wrong subject rolling around inside my head for ages and I’m rather thrown – this is clearly a three pipe problem!

Image result for photography word
The Right Theme!!

*ahem* – I can blag this…

Photography – Put simply is something I really, really adore…. But I have absolutely no skill, no talent, no knowledge or ability to take a half decent Photo! I admire other Photographers, especially when you see some dramatically beautiful images on National Geographic or something like Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition that you see at The Natural History Museum each year.

I find it so easy to fall in love with the beautiful and ugly, captured on film. Yet myself, I have the unique talent and ability to turn everything into an impressively blurry mess! That could be because I use the camera on my phone which is basically dreadful. – But that doesn’t stop me taking dozens of pictures like a creature possessed…

Perhaps one day I shall get myself a better camera – a real one with proper buttons and dials which I possibly wont use as I don’t know what they do – Perhaps I could even do a simple Photography course and learn something proper like – like what all the buttons and dials do… But I guess I need a camera first? So it’s all rather a dumb idea, as I’m awful anyway!

So perhaps sometimes it’s a lot easier to admire the professionals and support their exhibitions while snapping away blurry pictures no one will every see anyway, but it doesn’t stop me loving Photography…


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