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I love how the fact that this Blog subject has popped up this week, when I have three gigs in like 10 days… Which is so exciting, I still get that deep purrr of anticipation within the very pit of my tummy when I know there is live music to absorb myself into …

Music put simply is… This beautiful deep warm sensation which vibrates within your soul.

It’s alive and wild, or peaceful and emotional. It is all this and all so much more. I would love to be able to play an instrument myself, but my confidence is lacking as I really don’t think I could do any instrument the justice it deserves to be beautiful, I’m too heavy handed … But that doesn’t cease my love for music.

I don’t have a favorite genre as such, but many *many* long years were engaged in the underground sub-genre of Metal … Today, I love whatever I’m in the mood for and *still* enjoy discovering new artists, especially local small pub bands, which are chaotic and all heart.

… So I think I’m going to use this space here to abuse YouTube and shamelessly share with you videos from the three artists I’m seeing this week …

at The Donkey in Leicester

at Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham

at The Mill in Birmingham

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