The older man sat across from the Doctor was highly educated, a Professor in his field with a position at The London Natural History Museum, however, that was before his incident. Now he appeared dishevelled, unshaven, clad in soiled hospital issued pyjamas. His left eye was permanently focused towards the tip of his nose after a failed lobotomy, yet he claimed that his sight was unaffected by this abnormality.  

The Doctor flicked back through to file to remind himself why the procedure had been abandoned, he read through the report: 

June 4t 

Doctor Mitchell was performing the lobotomy with the aid of Nurse King, the procedure began typically enough as the ice-pick was placed under the eyelid, maneuvered into place by sliding it over the eyeball, a quick tap through the roof of the orbit with a hammer and the ice-pick is inserted roughly five centimeters into the white matter of the brain, the connecting portions of the neurons. At this point, when the pick is swirled it around to sever the connections, Doctor Mitchell received a tremendous blast of electrical discharge, resulting in minor burns on both the Doctors hands. Nurse King fainted and the procedure was neglected at this stage.  


The Doctor finally looked up at his patient when he spoke.  

“Ever feel like someone is watching you? Watching your every move? That they can see exactly what you are doing, where, when, how… Yet you cannot see those who watch. They watch, they judge and they never leave us in peace. Just because we cannot see them doesn’t mean they are not there, but they are everywhere!” 

“Even here? Right now?” 

“Yes, they are here, listening, watching!” 

“How can you be so sure?” 

“There is one on your shoulder Doctor, It think I cannot see it, but I can, I see it as clearly as I see you Doctor. It drips poison into your ears, it feeds you lies!” 

“What makes you think that?” 

“Because I am the one labelled insane and you are the one that is blind to reality.” 


The Doctor scribbled a few more notes upon the medical form before him.  

“I understand you have refused your medication?” 

“It stops my vision Doctor. I cause no fuss, I attend these little councils and I keep myself to myself.” 

“I understand that you spend most of your time here writing?” 

“Yes Doctor, I record what I see, for when the world awakes…” 



Anne Harrison  11.05.18


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