Am I blogging right like?

I love to follow a multitude of blogs here, using the ‘reader’ function at the top of the page. I scroll through beautifully crafted sites, Wonderful inspirational words and deeply personal stories. I share my little stars and leave positive comments where I can, but I’m left wondering if I’m blogging correctly… For the blogs with the largest number of followers appear to be the blogs which re-blog other blogs from other sites or those that appear to be nothing more than a single line of text…

Perhaps all this brain vomit I spew upon my page each day is a little too chewy? Or perhaps I’m learning as my blogging experience develops from day to day. Sometimes finding the time or the inclination to blog every day feels a little daunting – yet other days inspiration is just plucked from thin air and I roll with it…

I was hoping to focus more on my writing throughout this 365 challenge, yet this has tumbled into nothingness thanks to pesky writers block. So I muse my mindful rambling thoughts, throw in some old/new poetry and silly stuff along the way, but there is no structure, no focus – I suppose this, in a way, reflects my life too…

No structure – No focus

Just brain block – rambling along in life – grasping poetic moments and silly stuff along the way – I think I would like to write more elegantly, to articulate my thoughts and views into carefully decorated words – but I always run out of lunchtime mid flow!



Anne Harrison 09.05.18






4 thoughts on “129/365

  1. If you don’t mind, allow me to say this: I’ve been blogging for a very long time, and I never worried about “the right thing to do”. Granted, this means that many of my posts in the early years never even got a single like or comment. It was a bit depressing, but I focused on what I wanted to do rather than what I was expected to do. Eventually, and slowly, kindred souls managed to find me. It just takes time.

    Even though I don’t comment on your posts as often as I should, I really enjoy your musings, especially those wherein you bare your soul, which is so much more refreshing than many of the blogs out there, where the “writers” are just posing and attempting to market themselves.

    You’re the real deal. Be yourself. Be free. And don’t worry about yesterday. Cheers.

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