Day 88 – Another day and another blank screen before me. I wasn’t sure I would actually get this far when I started this challenge? Yet here we are 88 days into 2018 and I’m still finding time to write each day.

I shall admit that there has been little or no flow to my scribbles, the strange little tale I started some years ago has dwindled to a painful halt – due to real life distractions which have guided my thoughts off in various unrelated tangents. I still write far too many words than I actually need to express myself and my lunch time ramblings have consisted of thoughts and adventures and really bad poetry and repeating myself.

I thought of a good theme on the bus this morning – I wanted to write about why a grown woman in her 40’s would want to spend her spare time making costumes, inventing characters, getting engaged in Cosplay plus all the sticking sewing, gluing, spending and props that come with it. I had never learnt to sew properly until I challenged myself to make a full length patchwork leather trench coat … because I thought it would be a good idea – it took me two years to hand sew the whole bloody thing and I’ve incorporated it into several Cosplay outfits and got some very welcome compliments. Now I have a sewing machine! Which really intimidates me – so generally I still sew by hand.

There are at least five (or six) more costume ideas rolling around inside my scrambled thoughts and I’m always kinda improving or adapting existing costumes. So what is the attraction? Cosplay doesn’t have any age limit (My dad did his first Cosplay at the age of 77) – rules are made to be broken and brought costumes are worn along side cardboard cutouts and both are perfectly acceptable.

Existing characters rub shoulders with created characters or a mash up of characters and no one minds!! There is a freedom of expression which is welcome and liberating. To step away from yourself and become someone else for a day, to leave the mundane behind, to act without acting and to be a child again – playing dress up – to role play without dice.

To be wild and free and creative!


Anne Harrison (as various characters) 29.03.18

Umbrella Corp Zombie

Steampunk Slytherin

Tank Girl

Tairrie (Own Character)

Jack Burton


Nomad – Hardware

Shaun – Shaun of the Dead

Dad as Station Master
for Platform 9-3/4

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