Well Then!

I’ve taken a bit of a plunge today and decided to enter a writing competition

Not sure if this is a good idea or not? I’ve never put my work forwards to be ‘judged’ before, I feel like I’m being exposed, fear mockery and lack the ability to explain anything with clarity.

Therefore my work is sent, as is, for others to (try to) translate and interpret as they see fit. For how can someone really go about explaining the ideas beheld what is written, when what is written maybe understood in other ways to other people?

The deed is done now and my poem SSDD is on it’s merry way, where it’s adventure will lead? From here onward I do not know… But it’s out there laid bare and I’m left feeling dumb…


Anne Harrison 19.09.17



Change of Name


I have fallen in love with this word over the weekend, I’m not quite sure why, this doesn’t fully resonate with me personally. Yet it feels like a perfect aspiration.

For a while now I have been toying with the idea of running two blogs, one or my writing and another for my adventures. As a record, if you like, sharing my thoughts about events, which have also in turn inspired my writings.

It’s become impossible to ignore the fact that these two aspects of myself are so closely linked that one inspires the other. Even if I’m travelling on a mundane coach trip, I have the freedom and time to write. People watching can create characters and the beauty I find in my destinations.


So yes, I have Passion.

I have also adopted my own personal style, a little wacky, comfortably alternative and sometimes plain.

My pastimes involve adventuring, which can be leisurely and/or thrilling. These definitely involve a cultivation of life’s pleasures.

Charm possibly escapes me, but we cant be perfectly described within one word.


Anne Harrison 18.09.17



Writing Suspended

Sometimes the toughest Writers Block to get through is not due to lack of ideas or the broken flow of words. Sometimes the inability to write is merely down to circumstances beyond our control.

The words are there, the stories that dwell within our minds are merrily playing along, rolling ahead of the writers ability to put pen to paper or finger tips to key board… I have such tales to share, such words woven together in intricate layers to create beauty from the imagination.

But this is the first time in a long time I have had the time to sit quietly and share my thoughts. My access to WordPress has been restricted to an App that I can not appear to get to work happily (but that could be my device) Circumstances and course work are pulling me away from my fiction which is crammed into scruffy notes, glued into a book.

The dance of my pencil or pen halted from creating to compulsory answers.

Though this doesn’t last forever… Yesterday and Today I have grasped the chance to spill my thoughts upon the screen and my dear friends… It feels sooooooooo GOOD !!!

Yet the hands of time turn again and I must return to reality.

I shall still scribble, though it might take a while to reunite fiction to the screen. I shall grasp these few moments when I can and breathe life back into my words once more.


Anne Harrison 12.09.17