Teenage Kicks

Life isn’t exactly easy when you’re a teenager. You’re neither a child nor an adult, one day you might desire to play with toys and toss all care away, next, you want to try and get served alcohol or experiment with sex. Parts of your body starts to change, your hormones are running riot and your emotions are erratic.

Being the Son of a high ranking land owner granted me some elements of privlidge, denied to poorer clan children I grew up around. I had a private tutor, horse riding lessons, combat classes, access to a fine library and a healthy diet. I knew these were available to me because my Father could afford the best for me and my younger sister.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve watched him work in close harmony with the clan leaders who dwelt upon his lands. Working to provide for the under-privileged, even out of his own pocket to enhance the quality of life for the people he governed over. My Father was my hero and I knew one day this would also be my responsibility.

My illusions were shattered, when I discovered, through a rite of passage, that my father was a murderer. that he had killed The Guardian with his bare hands and was instrumental in events which lead General Fendor to take over the throne.

My comfortable life was disrupted, my Sister taken hostage to assure that we (My Father and I) would obey the King and find his missing Daughter.

I am said to be the living reincarnation of The Guardian, of the man my father slew. Guardian to The Child of Prophecy – The missing Princess… A Princess I have never met… Yet I have always had this small voice in my mind, a link or connection to someone beyond me – a sensation I could not explain and only shared with my Sister. I broke my silence, confiding in her own night, desperately needing to know if everyone had this ‘voice’ or if I was alone in this phenomena.

I was alone – The voice was connected to me, to my soul magically. I am the Guardian, She (I do not know her name) is The Child of Prophecy… And I know, for I can hear her, she is afraid, alone and in danger. So too is my Sister. I have no time to hold a grudge with my Father, for he honestly retold me the truth regarding events and after searching my own conscience, I would have done the same. Besides I knew the memories of the former Guardian, my soul brother and he had begged for death, a release of his burden.

I wonder if this too will be my fate.

I feel The princess slip further away from our pursuit and I could no longer ignore the gnawing feeling that something, or someone was also following our trail….



Anne Harrison  03.08.17




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