Act 2 – Review

Reality and distractions are often cause for writers block and before you realise it, time has flown by in the mundane realm yet your characters are stuck, frozen in time. Mid-Step or Mid-Conversation they remain trapped within their own realm inside my mind awaiting the words that I type to breathe into them life once more. To give them purpose, adventure and experiences that we (as writers) can never really honestly experience (and honestly wouldn’t want to) … We are only ever limited by our imagination, so why do we doubt our words when anything is possible.

Act One developed from a short story into a staggering 75 parts, yet Act Two has ground to a halt at 10. So I’ve decided to compile the whole thing together in one document, basically so I can read through it, remind myself where my characters were, as they stand in suspended animation awaiting their freedom. I am utterly hopeless at editing, so this is not my indention. Editing is for serious writers and I am a humble story teller. I also want to see if it flows. For initially I had started this tale as a series of short stories which linked together to form a longer tale.

This is something I had initially dreamt up whilst writing ‘The Curious Case of the Scandinavian Ballet Dancer’ which was supposed to be a collection of thirteen short stories which all linked together to form one tale (but from the perspective of thirteen different characters) I only wrote TWO! having got myself distracted by this more epic dribble. Maybe one day I will scribble a little more… maybe… one day…

However, my current friends are making it impossible to ignore their predicament any longer, having to start to infest my dreams … but first I wanted to create a singular document to put my head into their perspective …


5277 words later… I’m still confused!


Anne Harrison 02.08.17


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