Waiting for 6pm

When you’re ridiculously early to the pub and this comes across your Tumblr page… Suddenly  personal entertainment!

Get to know me better!

General Info:
♡ Gender: Female
♡ Sexuality: Straight
♡ Height: Short and Compact 
♡ Hair Colour: Pink and Purple and Green and Blue and Silver and Blonde and Turquoise.. 
♡ Relationship Status: Happy

Favourite Things:
♡ favourite colour: Pink 
♡ favourite song: Kaleo  “Way Down We Go” (currently)
♡ favourite band / artist: Combichrist 
♡ favourite youtubers: Mainly watch Movie trailers 
♡ favourite food: fruit or cake or cheese 
♡ favourite family member: Dad and our fluffy family 
♡ favourite bird: Potoo or Shoebill 
♡ favourite animal: Aye-Aye, Capybara and Pangolins
♡ favourite celebrity: (deceased) Charlie Chaplain or Houdini 
♡ favourite time of day? Morning 
♡ favourite holiday(s): Japan – Malta – Russia 
♡ favourite season: why not all? 
♡ favourite fruit: Strawberry 
♡ favourite flower: Sweet Williams
♡ favourite emoji(s): meh… twinkling heart?! (most used)
♡ favourite app: Duolingo or Memrize 
♡ favourite hobby: Writing – Pretending to paint – Cinema – Events 
♡ favourite country: Home
♡ favourite weather: Any really…  
♡ favourite element: Kryptonite 
♡ favourite language: English 

name of:
♡ name of your crush: Happy
♡ name of your pet(s): Jazzy and Joy 
♡ name(s) of your best friend(s): everyone I love x 

this or that?
♡ introvert or extrovert: equal measures 
♡ nerdy or sassy: yes
♡ tall or short: either 
♡ looks or personality: both
♡ homesick or traveller: travelling 
♡ musician or artist: artist 
♡ woods or city: city 
♡ tv or youtube: youtube 
♡ phone or computer: tablet 
♡ family or money: family 
♡ books or movies: books 
♡ food or sleep: sleep 

… Would be really interesting to revisit this list in a years time, send myself a blank copy for July 2018 … fill it in and then compare my answers, see how my life changes in a year?! … Now how do I send this to my future self?


Anne Harrison   28.07.17


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