Of Death and Rebirth

Act 2 – part 10


Kane watched Vixen leave, until she was out of sight, then returned his attention to his son. He was stood with Hera in the clearing, Kane smiled with relief,  yet the expression of utter contempt Sha wore stopped him dead in his tracks.

The lad cleaned his face and stepped towards his father.

“You killed him, didn’t you? You killed the guardian.” His voice was full of grief,  his words cracked as tears sprung to his eyes. “I am The Guardian father, yet you, you killed him!”

Kane swallowed hard and nodded…  He had never lied to his son and he was not about to do so now…

“Yes, I killed him, without knowing his name or who he was…”

Hera, remembering the scene, closed her eyes. Her anger still raw. “He was my friend.”  She croaked.  Sha sensed an underlying conflict between the old friends,  this was something that Hera could never forgive…

“I wasn’t Captain at that time,  I was a foot soldier under the command of General Fendor.  Our patrol,  with the Prince leading the troops had finally captured The Child of Prophecy and her Guardian.” Kane recounted events truthfully.

… “There was an air of celebration among the troops,  wine flowed a little too freely and they turned violent…  Drunk, they set upon their captive, I watched the guards beat him, break his body, his bones. Stamped on his chest, hacked off his ears, his nose, crushed his hands… ” He ceased with the description, watching tears flood down Hera’s face…

… “I can not tell you what made approach him, I don’t know why the rest of the patrol didn’t stop me… But I remember his expression,  his grief,  the pain of his loss, too great to bare. An emotional pain far more intense than any injury inflicted upon his body.  He knew my intention,  somehow and simply nodded… I broke his neck…”

Kane sat down abruptly, the truth spilling free… “He gave up his life and within a year you were born, born to be his next vessel… I’ve always known this to be true,  Alleia knew this too…”

Sha sat next to his father… “It all feels too much,  I’m too young,  I just want to play with my pony Dad, I’m not ready for this!” His eyes pleaded…

Yet, somewhere deep in his soul he heard her voice,  The Child of Prophecy,  he had always heard her voice,  felt the invisible connection for they had never met.  He heard her crying at night and knew he could lead the way…


Anne Harrison 22.06.17

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