Act 2 – Part 1

Prelude – The Last Diary Entry…


I can’t sleep tonight, so I thought I would write. Yet my thoughts are muddled and I don’t know how to make sense of what is troubling me when nothing is troubling me. I keep having odd dreams about a girl near my age, someone I have never met but I think I should know. Not my sister, but like my sister.

I can hear her voice, I can describe her clearly. She speaks to me at night and yet I don’t know her. In my dreams I see her wrapped in darkness, yellow eyes haunting…


Seizon-sha scribbled out the description in frustration, unable to focus on the dream swiftly escaping his mind. He closed the diary with a thwack the pencil skipping off the bed and rolling across the floor and laid back to stare at the ceiling flustered and wide awake. The night felt still, humid and uncomfortable, crickets filled the air beyond the open window and the moon hung low, tired looking.

Sleep continued to escape him with a gnawing feeling of anticipation, so he ambled to the kitchens to get some milk… His sister, Kireina, was already sat by the dwindling embers of the fire with two glasses of milk and their Dad’s cat curled up on her knee.

“You’re unable to sleep again?” She said with a half smile handing her brother the glass. He simply nodded sipping the drink and taking a seat by her side.

“Same dreams again?” Kireina leaned against his shoulder… Again he nodded, he trusted his sister without question and their late night conversations were not uncommon.

“You know she is going to need your help…”

“How Kireina? I’m just a kid…”

“You’re not *Just* anything!” She swiftly replied before he could cast doubt upon himself and his abilities. The cat raised her head… A moment later the children heard laughter from a few rooms down.

“Ah… the Lady Vixen Hunter is visiting!” Seizon-sha chuckled into his glass of milk.

“Sha… You know that’s not her real name!” Though she shared his giggle, the nickname had stuck and though neither of them knew the actual name of the whore that visited their Father, the name Vixen suited her, a wild red head with long legs and a sharp tongue. They were known to fight as savagely as they played, she never even pretended that there was a relationship, displayed no shame at her profession and treated both children with respect and kindness. She was a gypsy and would often vanish for weeks at a time, always returning with unusual books for them. The cat, however, hated her…

“Do you see the Demon in your dreams?” Kireina returned the conversation back to matters that drew them to the kitchen in the night…

Yellow… Eyes… Haunting…

Sha blinked, trying to get the image clear in his mind, they were the last words he had wrote in his diary… “I’m not sure… There is something… A shadow, gloom?”


A thundering at the main gates startled both children and the cat shot off into the night… There was loud shouting, a clattering of horses hooves and cries for help in the darkness Kireina and Sha looked at each other in fear and understanding, this was the point everything changed and their lives would never be the same again…


Anne Harrison 25.05.17

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