The End is Nigh


As my ‘notsoshortshortstory’ reaches into Part 70 and beyond, well beyond my wildest dreams. My humble (initial) short story, which started life as a Work-shopping  piece in Creative Writing class a few years ago now. This silly little tale has taken on a life of its own, with added little twist and turns, by killing the main two characters in the earliest part of the adventure.

I’m now reaching a stage where I can wrap up events to a reasonable conclusion – Currently!

The end of this current stage does not actually signify the end of my tale *I hear you groan* Instead it marks a point where I desire to leap forth in time, which is something I have been itching to do for a while, though I needed to seek a suitable pause, where events would hold steady to time travel 14 years into the future for the characters and plot.

For something I *still* have no intention of taking seriously, my lunchtime scribblings have become something of a fun outlet for creativity, even if it is roughly written, with (mostly) no clear plans and always written straight from my brain to the screen. Occasionally I make a few notes, these I have posted too for amusement, mainly I make the whole thing up off the top of my head. Lead my dreams and daydreams alike, my tale intermixed with bad poetry, crappy painting and some personal musings. My blog is generally my little safe haven of the interweb, I feel content and free to write here and share my quirky characters and random thoughts.

I love to write and I love the fact I have this lovely invisible audience out there, thank you for being there and thank you for reading my silly little ditties.


Love, Anne.



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