Plot Recap

A (very) brief outline of recent events …


On the verge of a fragile peace, Fendor struck betraying and murdering Grave and Kaxa. The Royal Twins, Indigo and Kol are taken hostage, Indigo held within a vile magical trap, sapping her energy and rendering her immobile. Her brother, viciously mutilated, his right leg hacked away from above the knee.

His severed leg was then used in a dark magical ritual, Fendor leading a rite which removed his premature child from Novana’s womb among chanting and twisted runes, the girl Fendor believes to be the reincarnation of The Child of Prophecy.

Kane appears to be in league with Fendor… appears to be… he keeps Alleia and their son close to his side, yet his actions and words display loyalty to Fendor.


To Be Continued…


Anne Harrison 04.05.17






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