Part 66



“You are brooding.” Fendor ceased his relentless scheming when he realised his companion was not listening, just starring absently out the window, silently regarding the bloodstains that remained on the sandy arena floor.

“I’m just tired.” Kane replied, lifting his glass to his lips yet again without taking a drink.

“Don’t tell me you’ve actually falling for her, you know she will have to die.”

“Then why shouldn’t I be able to enjoy her?” He pushed the glass away. “At least until I have to kill her.”

Fendor laughed then… “And they say I’m cold hearted!”


“Fine, go, enjoy the woman!” Fendor chuckled, claiming the discarded drink.

“I’m taking the baby with me.” Kane stood, regarding the crib set up in the room. The babe was sound asleep after a wet nurse had settled him down following a feed.

“No. He stays where he is… Don’t!”

Yet Kane had already scooped his child up carefully, awkwardly, his inexperience evident. Completely ignoring Fendor.

“Why? Kane are you fucking stupid…”

“This way she will trust me.” He replied, “and she will continue to trust me until I crush her throat.” His coldness stopped Fendor short, instead he stepped aside, allowing Kane to take his son to Alleia…




Alleia was asleep, curled tightly in the far corner of the room. Her hair had stuck to her face where tears had dried upon her cheeks. Kane knelt by her side and softly brushed her hair free, he considered killing her at that moment while she slept, regarding the size of his hand and how delicate she appeared, so slender and petite. Hardly any strength would be required to snap her neck.

The baby gurgled, causing her to stir… “Kane?” She blinked… “How did you find him? Find me? What are you doing here?” She sat up reaching out for her son.

“Don’t ask me anything.”

“Why Kane?”

“Because I don’t want to lie to you.” He gathered her in his arms and simply kissed her so softly…

“You’re frightening me.” Alleia leaned into his embrace.

“You should be frightened of me.”

“And that only makes me want you more.” She whispered…



Anne Harrison 07.04.17


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