Part 65

The Rift

A stunned silence fell over the arena, only the shrill cries of Alleia’s baby shattered the still. The General nodded a command, a prearranged deception, executed flawlessly. His troops rounded up the survivors, they were bound securely and then divided to individual holding cells. Novana and Indigo both numb with shock,  Kol was barely conscious.

Kane kicked off as soon as the guards tried to restrain Alleia, Fendor anticipated his desire to protect the family he had mere moments ago been reunited with and The General circled to slam the hilt of his sword into Kane’s temple as Kane has stood to square off against the soldiers. Kane dropped like a rock.

Alleia was hysterical,  her son dragged from her arms, he was wailing, Alleia screaming in panic. Though the whole episode was over shortly, with each hostage removed, restrained and contained in different parts of the vast palace.


Finally only Fendor stood alone, surrounded by three bodies and an unconscious Kane…

He spat in the dust and nudged Kane with his boot. “Are you awake?”

Kane stirred, scratching his head and coughing. “You didn’t have to fucking hit me so hard.”

“It needed to be convincing.” Fendor extended a hand to help his Captain to his feet. “You look dreadful.”

“I need a drink.”

“Ooh you’re funny.”

Kane just raised an eyebrow…

“Whisky Captain?” Fendor suggested

“Aye General.”

The two men turned and left the arena, discarding the carnage behind them.
There was still much to discuss …

Anne Harrison 06.04.17

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