Part 61

The Calm Before the Storm


Six people gathered around the table, before them coffee was brought and served. Only Pepe refused a hot drink, demanding alcohol, even though it was just past dawn. His demand was refused, so he rejected refreshments.

Circumstances were tense before Indigo arrived with Kane, now a heavy silence fell across the table as their lands stood on the pinnacle of conflict and this gathering might prove to be the trigger point or resolution.

“You realise my Father can not accept your claim to his throne.” Indigo broke the silence, her words were not unexpected. Jago had every right to inherit the crown from his Grandfather and the lands it governed.

“I see he didn’t have the balls to attend himself and sent a little girl instead.” Pepe sneered. His bitter words caused stunned expressions across the table, Pepe was supposed to be a Royalist, a devout loyal subject to King and Country.

“You knew of Fendor’s plan? To assassinate my Great-Grandfather?” Indigo narrowed her eyes. Her words were actually speculation, her family still unsure of the traitor, yet her investigation had lead her to this conclusion and the fact that Fendor had support within the court.

Pepe just smirked.

“Fendor approached us seeking allies.” Grave spoke up, spilling the truth. “We saw countless refugees make the difficult journey through the wastelands, neglecting the Capital City and heading South seeking sanctuary. The corruption within the Royal household near destroyed the people and the land. Fendor was a revolutionary, initially, he saw how great the North could be once more, but this he could not do alone.”

“Where is Fendor? Why does he not speak for himself and defend his traitorous actions?” Indigo enquired.

“He fell victim to the bottle, guilt and stress plagued his mind. His only escape was drink. He’s currently under guard while he sobers up.”

“This is ridiculous!” Pepe fumed interrupting the exchange. “Lets keep things simple shall we? The King was a corrupt bastard who had prolonged his life and his reign through magical properties. Fendor sought an end to his destruction and his life. Fendor should be ruler, not this brute! The barbarians were just brought in as muscle, not to take over!” He huffed… “I want my land back, I want my wife and the babe and I want Fendor to assume command.”

Kane tensed by Indigo’s side and she placed a hand on his arm to still his temper at the dandy’s words.

“You are in a position to demand NOTHING!” Grave was fast loosing his patience, slamming his fist on the table. “You’re a vile little coward of a man, who made underhanded bargains to secure your own comfort.” His tone raised in fury.

“How dare you… you… you..” Pepe stood, but was interrupted by Kane…

“…I dare…” He slid papers across the table as evidence, signed and sealed by Pepe with the Montoto wax seal, which placed command of The Northern Clan Territories under the leadership of Master Davenport.

Pepe shrugged…

“Davenport is dead, by Clan law what he commanded reverts to his killer as his property.”

“You?! You killed Davenport? You.. You.. should be dead… Not Davenport!” Pepe licked sweat from his top lip. “This is utter nonsense.”

“The Princess Alleia has requested a divorce.” Indigo spoke up. “Which would prevent you from any claim to her or her son.” She glanced at Kane.

“I challenge you, by combat, for the rights to your land and your wife… The babe…” Kane smiled, “He’s already mine.”

Grave laughed, a deep belly rolling howling laughter as Pepe near fainted at the words… “You can’t challenge me, you have not right!” His voice broke, a pitiful plea.

“He has every right.” Novana replied having glanced through the papers. “You see your new pretty estate falls within his boarders, so he can challenge you for all you own, including your wife… So you can either scoot away as a coward or fight with honor. Which will it be?”


Anne Harrison 05.04.17







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