Part 60

Unreasonable Demands 

“Where is she?!” The bellowing cry came from beyond the closed doors,  echoing throughout the corridors breaking the silence of the dawn.

“Where is my wife?!” Lord Pepe Montoto barged into the hall, slamming through guards with a pent up fury. Followed closely by a score of his own elaborately clad soldiers.

“I demand to see my wife!” He stood right up into Grave’s face, spittle flying,  face red and sweating.

“She is not here.” The giant man replied,  more annoyed than angered by the flamboyant Lord.

“Well where the fuck is she?!”

Grave growled,  he disliked swearing before his ladies and although Kaxa and Novana were not shocked,  Grave held to his old fashioned principles. Pepe, too furious to be intimidated poked Grave in his chest… “I demand that you return my Wife and her Baby to me this instant…”

Novana stood to intervene, her precarious condition causing both men to back off from conflict.

“Lord Montoto, the Princess Alleia is not here I can assure you. We believe she was taken by magical means and returned to her family in the West.” Pepe blinked, as her words slowly sunk in. “However,” She continued, “While you are here, maybe you could kindly explain why Master Davenport has recalled all the donated forces that you pledged to our cause?”

“Davenport did what?”

“Recalled every soldier,  back to the Clans. What are you planning Lord Montoto?  Why do you need the baby?  Why recall your troops?  Master Davenport does act on your behalf does he not?”

“Yes… But…”


“I’ve had no reports from him in weeks!” Pepe whined.

“So you come here, barking your orders,  swearing and demanding,  instead of returning to your own estate and seeking answers for yourself first?”  Grave spoke up.

“I… I… I…” Pepe stuttered…

“Why do you want the baby Pepe?”  Novana interjected.

“He’s mine!”

“It is common knowledge that you are not the father,  some even say you’re impotent.”Grave sneered…

“How dare you!”

“How dare you,  bursting in here, swearing and making unreasonable demands….”

“Sir.” A guard arrived at the door, still ajar… “You have more guests Sir.” The soldier stood aside to allow the two guests clear entrance.

“Have we caught you at a bad time?” Indigo smiled, eyes flashing. By her side Kane.

The four representatives from the four major forces,  collected together for the first time since The King’s assassination. Ironically in the same room The King met his fate…



Anne Harrison 04.04.17


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