Part 59

Peace and Magic


Alleia found life with Hera and Brynn out in the woods idyllic, she was able to relax and recover from her ordeal in the tower, eating lovely fresh foods, gaining a healthy weight being able to focus on her newborn feeling safe and peaceful. She knew her extended family were aware of her location and yet she was far removed from the politics and the threat of war. For once she had found some measure of happiness, dedicating herself to her newborn.

Occasionally she would find Kane in her dreams, yet in reality she believed him to be dead, aware that Pepe was a deeply jealous man and would not allow her lover to live. There was cause for concern regarding Pepe, technically she was still married to him and he had vowed to take her son away. This haunted her peace of mind, yet she also knew he was lazy, perhaps too lazy to venture beyond the safety of his new lavish coastal home to seek out the babe.

At least that was her hope…


The search for the missing Princess from the tower stretched out into weeks, Fendor had since replaced her in the stone room, where the weeks of solitude confinement had forced his body to sober up, yet he had instead fallen into a deep depression. Guilt haunted his thoughts and his dreams, he was never free from his troubled mind. Without the escaping bliss of alcohol he was trapped more in his mind than any lock or key.

Grave, with the two Southern Sisters, Kaxa and Novana, had the Capital City firmly under command. They re-named the City ‘Seiiki’ and finally, after long long years under the Kings crushing command, Seiiki started to flourish. The threat of war still lingered over the whole land, yet no one had made any move to act, but there were bristlings of activities evident, an increase of troops along the borders and, following Fendor’s arrest, some of his loyal guards fled the city.

Curiously the forces that Master Davenport had sent on Lord Pepe Montoto’s command had been recalled back to the Northern Clan territories. Grave considered this an interesting move for Davenport and suspected some internal conflict among the clans, he selected a few spies to venture forth and follow the retreating army and report.

The absence of Princess Alleia was correctly contributed to magic and this troubled Novana as the child she carried was interwoven in fate with Alleia’s own babe. However before they had the opportunity to investigate this magical intervention. Lord Pepe Montoto turned up spontaneously to lay claim to Alleia and her son.


Anne Harrison 04.04.17


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