Part 57

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Kane honestly could never remember sleeping in a bed so ridiculously soft, in fact he couldn’t sleep, instead he dragged all the covers and blankets onto the floorboards and nestled down with a lovely fur skin under his chin. Then he slept, nightmares stirred at the edges of his mind, but being comfortable, warm and relaxed he ended up in a far deeper sleep.

At that level he shared his mind with Alleia, the connection was stronger the deeper the sleep to the point where he didn’t want to wake up. Finding preference in the dreams of his woman, his child. Though in reality he knew not where they were or even if they were still alive and not some fragment of an exhausted mind.

Slumber was disturbed by a boot nudging his shoulder, it was still dark and he was reluctant to stir. The steel point of a blade was cold against his neck – that got his attention and all remains of peaceful dreams were swiftly vanquished.

“I understand you are in charge here?” A woman said and knelt by his head, the sword was not held by the speaker.

“Apparently so.” He replied, carefully remaining still.

“You are not Lord Pepe Montoto, nor are you Master Davenport. You look military, not a ruler.” The woman had piercing blue/purple eyes which appeared to glow in the dark an illusion of the moonlight he suspected.

“I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be in my quarters…” He wriggled a bit and got a jab in the throat to remind him to stay still.

The woman glanced around the room, so very basic, he had chosen to forego the lavish quarters that Pepe had favoured in preference to a simple room in the staff block, near the kitchens and with full glass doors that lead out into the courtyard (these were ajar). A bed he didn’t sleep in, a table he never sat at and a trunk of donated clothes, ill fitting and second hand.

With a slight nod she indicated her partner to lift the blade from his neck allowing Kane to sit up – He was sure those eyes glowed – She stood and offered a hand to help him to his feet.

“I think I like you…” She said with a smile. “…But we have a lot to talk about…”


Anne Harrison 30.03.17

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