Part 56

Safe Haven


Indigo and her Shadow Order met up with Kol and Dallymare on the outskirts of Deep-Wood Forest, what Indigo didn’t expect was to see her brother with a woman and babe.

“Is that?” She frowned…

“Father’s Aunt, Alleia and her newborn son Seizon-sha!” Kol replied with a sweeping bow. “I was thinking of returning them home, Father and the Council will be revealed to learn she’s alive and well.”

“Kol, Father is preparing for war. Is that such a safe for a newborn?”

“Where else would you suggest? She should be with family, you can not begin to imagine what she has been through…” Kol spoke firmly yet softly, so Alleia didn’t hear his words. Though she was happily cuddling her babe, elated at being free and glowing with pride.

“Maybe not all family is related?” Indigo replied with a half smile.

“Please don’t talk in riddles, we still have a lot of ground to scout and none of this was expected upon our mission.”

“I believe I know somewhere Alleia will be safe in fair company, far away from any threat of war. Where she may raise her child in peace, until all this conflict is resolved…” Indigo went on to explain about their encounter with Hera and all she had told them about the uprising in the Capital City, about the safe haven she had created in the forest, next to nature in peace and harmony.

“Do you really think they will be safe in the woods with a witch?” Kol appeared skeptical but had already resigned himself to the fact that Indigo would win any argument he could attempt against the idea of leaving Alleia with a stranger in the midst of the wilds…

“Do you really think she is healthy enough to travel? All the way back to father, directly after giving birth?” Indigo played her winning hand and Kol was forced to agree with her reasoning.



Anne Harrison 28.03.17


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