Time to Reflect



… With a Wedding Anniversary today in my mind and Mother’s Day Sunday, I’m in a kinda bumpy place emotionally. Each time I walk through town I am greeted by big pink signs reminding me that I have no Mum to buy anything for this year. Hearts and Flowers and happy smiling teddy bears all appear to mock my thoughts.

It’s not been long, just three and a bit months, besides the three blogs that I wrote at Christmas, it is something I choose not to talk about. Actually, I’m finding it something difficult to think about, I push such thoughts away because I’m afraid of how I will feel…

In fact, I’m not sure what I want to write at this point… I’ve got so far with my rumbling thoughts that I’ve hit a brick wall and I can’t write anymore… Time to Reflect…

Sorry x



Anne Harrison 23.03.17


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