Part 52

The Forgotten Princess


Alleia was hungry, tired and desperately afraid. As her tummy grew wider, her own life was becoming shorter. She had considered taking her own life but could not bare to take the babe with her, her beautiful bump was all she had to grasp onto the fading edge of a memory of what love could feel like. So she spent many, many of the long cold hours alone talking to or singing to her unborn. Still convinced the child to be a boy, Alleia had even given the little one a name ‘Seizon-sha’. Which had come into her mind in a dream, sometimes she had dreams about Kane, but they were horrific nightmares and she would awake screaming sharing his pain.

Once a day a thin slip of a maid would bring her food and fresh water, sometimes the girl would smuggle in an apple or a book but the maid had not been for three days now and Alleia was feeling quite frail, the kicks and wriggles within her had also become still. Panic filled her heart and she hammered on the door, calling until her voice cracked.

There was no reply, no one came, she fell to the flagstones and wept…

That was when her waters broke…


Anne Harrison 21.03.17


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