Part 49

A Welcome Reunion…
Kaxa and Grave together entered the city loyal lines of barbarian warriors lined the streets betwixt the gates and the palace, as their giant leader made his steady way Kaxa walking ahead of him. The men raised their fist to their heart, a salute which closely resembled a stabbing motion…  Unspoken loyalty, the action could be translated as: ‘I shall die to serve you’.

Curious city folk peered from doorways and windows or joined the gathering men, some imitating the salute with a little confusion. The few city guards who remained, those maintaining loyalty to Fendor watched the precision cautious and alarmed.

Kaxa walked barefoot, clad in a delicate thin shift crimson and gold, raven hair curled around naked caramel shoulders. Every eye was drawn to the exotic southern beauty and her giant companion,  she drew gazes of lust, envy. He… Brute fear…

Fendor was hung over and was in no mood for any of this drama.  He stank of last night’s whisky and cheap cigars. Looked unkempt and unwashed,  still in yesterday’s clothes that he had slept in. He had time to change,  to freshen up should he desire but the notion passed away as he reached instead for the remains of a stale ale.

Novana had been avoiding him for weeks now, finding peace within her work with the peasants. The swell of her tummy was more obvious as too were violent bruises which marred her skin. Twas only for the safety of her babe that she had not fought back, only a coward would take his stress out on a pregnant woman and Novana vowed Fendor would come to a painful end…

Kaxa embraced her sister tightly finally reunited with Novana, but her jubilation was short lived as she noticed the bump, the bruises, the tired smock and sad eyes.

“What happened?” Kaxa frowned.

“Just hold me.” Novana mumbled against her sisters shoulder then collapsed in an exhausted faint…
Anne Harrison 16.03.17

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