Of Heroes and Fools

Spoiler – I’m the Fool… 


Here I am, pondering over Story Structure, collecting sources of inspiration. Dreaming in character and re-reading through old University notes…

… Here’s something which has been brought to light, I don’t have a Hero!

I used to have a Hero… He had no name and is simply known ‘The Guardian’, but Kane killed him back in Part 14. How can I follow the well established structure of The Hero’s Journey, if I don’t have a Hero? Does the Hero need to be male? Yet none of my characters feel as though they are the main character… Is it possible to have a tale without a main character? Neither, do I have a main antagonist… I would be tempted to say this was The King, Yet my initial introduction gave him a Fatherly figure but he developed into a Tyrant… He’s dead too… Oops…

I don’t have any answers, just a collection of random tangled thoughts and self doubts that because I don’t follow a structure, because I don’t follow the rules of writing as gospel, I tell a story, I don’t show. I like to think of my ‘Notsoshortshortstory’ as a campfire tale. As I’m sat around with my friends, making up a shaggy dog story on the spot, telling what I see in my mind as if I was speaking to friends under a star lit sky.

I write without a plot, I scribble a few notes, but I’m still stuck regarding the next part currently. So while I’m bumbling along with writers block, you get my insane musings instead. But my little shadow of self doubt questions if I am a true writer?

I write, I love writing, I make things up on the spot and keep rolling with a tale because it doesn’t feel ended yet. But am I a writer?

Because I don’t have a hero…


Anne Harrison 14.03.17

4 thoughts on “Of Heroes and Fools

  1. I don’t think you have to have a hero. Take Game of Thrones as an example – many strong characters, but I wouldn’t say any one of them was at the centre of the story, that it was their journey above all others.

    My advice would be to write in whatever way makes you feel alive, because that shines through to the reader more than any well trodden structure method. In my humble opinion 🙂

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    1. What beautiful kind words, I admit I’ve been struggling with some self doubt, but that comes from trying be something I’m not. I’m a story teller, I’m just using a blog as my voice, I’m a round peg that won’t fit into a square hole… And I’ve been over thinking instead of just following my heart and letting the words flow unhindered xxx

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