Part 45

The Dragon Prince

Kol, Jago’s eldest son and now heir to the kingdom, was happily tending to his beloved dragons. He had been raised along side these beasts, knowing each one personally as old friends, his knowledge of dragons was impressive and his skill for flying, incredible.

Jago found his son, sleeves rolled up, with a trough of clear scented water, a thick bristled broom in hand, scrubbing down the irradiance scales of Sheba. A towering thirty foot beauty, purring like a kitten as she enjoyed her grooming.

“You can’t fight with them!” Kol said, without turning to face his father. “The dragons won’t attack the capital Father, there are two children there, yet to be born. The dragons honour these babes, they won’t risk their safety.”

“You’re just like Indigo with your cryptic logic.”

“We are twins Father.”

“What babies Kol?  What are you talking about?”  Jago snapped,  a little too harshly than he meant, feeling stressed and torn between a duty he was born to uphold and his own sense of morality.

Kol ceased his scrubbing and turned to face his father. “Can I talk openly to you? Am I still free to express myself to my own Dad without fear that my words would be seen as offensive and the talk of a traitor?  Can I be honest with you, now that you are King?”

Jago stepped closer and clasped him on his shoulder. “I will always be your father first.”

“Then maybe you need to ask yourself whether these barbarians actually did us a favour? Your Grandfather was a vile man and you know I speak the truth for look what he did to your mother, auctioned her off to a wealthy land owner,  just to expand his empire. I suggest we talk to these people,  I believe we can extend a hand in friendship, built on the death of a tyrant, for the good of the people and the country.”

“That is a very bold statement.” The King sighed, his mind in turmoil.

Sheba nudged him with her giant snout.

“At least let us scout?” Kol suggested a compromise. “Mayhaps we shall find the babes?”

“What babies?” Jago frowned, repeating his question.

“I don’t know Father, I just know we need to find them.”

He lovingly stroked the gentle beasts nose, ‘such creatures should never be used for weapons.’  He thought …

“Find out what you can Kol, it pains me to use you and Indigo on such missions, yet I know I can trust you both without question. Just please, be careful,  try not to do anything too rash!”


image credit

Anne Harrison 11.03.17


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