Part 44

The Warrior Witch


Jago remained in the hall once the meeting has drawn to a conclusion, orders scattered throughout the realms, a call to arms from their new King. Yet Jago did not feel like a King. He held a fragile title, through blood alone and with the capital in the hands of traitors and barbarians, he had no crown, no regal coronation. No true claim… Yet…

“Father?” The voice pulled him away from his brooding thoughts, his face illuminated with a fond smile as he regarded his eldest daughter with pride.

“Indigo.” He sighed, as she wrapped her arms around him. He wanted to speak of his doubts, to confess his fears but Indigo simply stepped back from the embrace and said: “I know.”

She held his gaze for an instant, those exotic indigo orbs, which gave her her name, seemed to bore into his very soul. Jago blinked, but allowed her to read him. It was easier for her to scan his swimming thoughts than to try and find words to express the dread which was eating away at his nerves.

“You will make a fine King father.” She perched on the edge of the table, a smile playing at the corner of her lips. “Though we need to make order from chaos first.” Pulling free a map from among the jumble of papers before him, she traced a finger from their position around through DeepWood Forest to Lord Pepe Montoto’s estate. “I will take my patrol this way, through the trees, we can gauge barbarian numbers pouring through from the wastelands and hopefully the Montoto compound has not been compromised.”

Jago nodded “Gather your forces, head out as soon as you’re able.”

“Of course Your Highness.” How hollow that sounded. “…and if Lord Montoto has been compromised?”

“We liberate his lands.”

“If he has turned traitor?”

“We do not allow traitors to survive.”

Indigo nodded in accord, leaving to obey his commands…


Indigo was also known as RavenSoul by her troops, each of them vicious killers, trained assassins and near all of them female, save for two younger men, apprentices in the order. Like Indigo, all her warriors were trained in the magical arts, herbs and poisons. Known as the Shadow Order, they were a mere score, seen as a joke by some of the elite, a side project or hobby for the outrageous grand-daughter of the Kings eldest child. They ignored her ‘games’ and dismissed Indigo’s skills. Until, of course, they needed someone ‘vanishing’ or worse… Their curses and potions were sometimes more effective, should a hit be required to suffer…

Jago had seen The Shadow Order as a valuable asset and encouraged his daughter. Now, as King, he trusted them to branch out and learn more regarding his Grandfathers death, what forces he faced, who was responsible and what allies he could depend upon. It was an insane mission and one Jago would only trust to his beloved daughter.



Anne Harrison 09.03.17





4 thoughts on “Part 44

    1. I might go to fast, but if I don’t get the words out my head, my characters don’t let me sleep at night… Lol x

      Seriously though, just take your time and I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it x

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