Part 42

Twins of Blood and Stone

It was late by the time Fendor retired, near morning in fact. Despite the liberation of the palace and the freedom of the whole vast estate. Fendor chose to remain in his own unadorned quarters where he found peace and solitude. Stifling a long yawn he shrugged out of his heavy leather jacket and hung up his sword belt. Pouring himself a very large whisky to relax.

That was when he noticed Novana, she was seated upon the edge of his bed, clad in silks, clutching the fabled blue stone which glowed with a low hummm in her hand. “Tell me again how this works?” She purred softly, Fendor smirked knocking back his stiff drink swiftly.

“I cant tell you Novana,  I don’t know how it worked. I only know what I witnessed.”

“Then show me!” She stood,  allowing the silks to fall free from her shoulders,  stepping out of the dress in nought but heels and lace. Novana walked into Fendor’s arms giving herself over to her ally.

He felt clumsy,  it had been so many years since his Wife’s suicide, yet he could not resist the olive skinned Southern beauty in his arms. Her skin so soft… He tugged out of his clothes and ruined the lace…

The crystal in her hand started to pulse and radiate sapphire sparks of living energy as they lost themselves with one another among discarded clothes and tangled blankets, the glow increased accompanied by a tingling humming.

Fendor took the crystal from her hand imitating what he had seen,  barely able to hold himself back from the peak of desire as Novana clawed her nails down his back.  He held the crystal over her heart and as she cried out, the stone sank magically into her flesh…


Anne Harrison 06.03.17

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