Part 58

Midnight Conversations

Kane wrapped a sheet around his waist and perched upon the soft bed, there was only one chair by the table, so the woman took the chair and lit the lamp thereon, while her companion stood guard by the door which led into the complex, his sword now sheathed yet his hand rested easily on the pommel.

Kane blinked against the light, rubbing his eyes…

“What happened to you?” She asked, leaning forward in the chair, her eyes grazed over his scars, stitches, bandages, emaciated frame…

“Davenport happened to me.” As he replied, a petite grey cat slipped in gracefully from the courtyard, padding lightly over to Kane to plop down upon his lap, kneading with a low rumbling purr.

The arrival of the cat served to diffuse the uncomfortable atmosphere  causing a light hearted ripple of soft laughter.

“I don’t wish to sound arrogant, but I believe I know who you are.” Kane spoke, fussing the cat. “I believe you are Jago’s Twins, Indigo and Kol.”

The laughter died away to stunned silence as the twins glanced at each other bewildered.

“How did you come to that conclusion?” She narrowed her eyes as she spoke.

“You were correct in your observation of military, so, when you’re stood in the corner of a room for hours on end, your face half obscured by a helmet, stood to attention with a halberd that’s actually more for show than any practical use. You get used to being ignored, you become invisible. So you watch, listen, learn… You visited The King with your father last year for ‘The Worlds Range Games’ and I was on duty. Simple as that.”

The twins glanced at each other, then smiled.

“How did you end up ruling here?” Kol asked, stepping closer to engage in the conversation.

“I killed Davenport, there really is just so much you can take before you snap.” The cat arched its back and hopped to head-bump Kane on the chin.

“Then if you know who we are, you could hazard a guess as to why we are here?” Indigo’s unusual eyes still appeared to glow in the low lamp light.

“You want to know where the Northern Clan Territories stand if, or when, war breaks out. You want to know if we’re allies or an added threat.” He sighed, “Is Jago going to attempt to claim the throne from his Grandfather’s murderers?” Kane switched the direction of questioning.

“It would be his duty to do so.”

Somewhere out in the courtyard a clock struck the hour and the shrill call of crickets resonated during the lull in the conversation.

“I don’t want war, but I would say that is unavoidable.” Kane was starting to feel more fatigued and reached for a glass of water by the lamp. “Maybe this is not the hour for such deliberation.” He stifled a yawn. “I should like to consider both of you my guests and resume our discussion over breakfast.” Kane escorted the twins to a guest room personally, then returned to his too comfortable bed, discovering the grey cat curled up right in the centre.

So he returned to his slumber on the floor, listening to the crickets and savoring the feel of the breeze on his face…


Anne Harrison 31.03.17


Part 57

Back to Writing Folks… 


Kane honestly could never remember sleeping in a bed so ridiculously soft, in fact he couldn’t sleep, instead he dragged all the covers and blankets onto the floorboards and nestled down with a lovely fur skin under his chin. Then he slept, nightmares stirred at the edges of his mind, but being comfortable, warm and relaxed he ended up in a far deeper sleep.

At that level he shared his mind with Alleia, the connection was stronger the deeper the sleep to the point where he didn’t want to wake up. Finding preference in the dreams of his woman, his child. Though in reality he knew not where they were or even if they were still alive and not some fragment of an exhausted mind.

Slumber was disturbed by a boot nudging his shoulder, it was still dark and he was reluctant to stir. The steel point of a blade was cold against his neck – that got his attention and all remains of peaceful dreams were swiftly vanquished.

“I understand you are in charge here?” A woman said and knelt by his head, the sword was not held by the speaker.

“Apparently so.” He replied, carefully remaining still.

“You are not Lord Pepe Montoto, nor are you Master Davenport. You look military, not a ruler.” The woman had piercing blue/purple eyes which appeared to glow in the dark an illusion of the moonlight he suspected.

“I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be in my quarters…” He wriggled a bit and got a jab in the throat to remind him to stay still.

The woman glanced around the room, so very basic, he had chosen to forego the lavish quarters that Pepe had favoured in preference to a simple room in the staff block, near the kitchens and with full glass doors that lead out into the courtyard (these were ajar). A bed he didn’t sleep in, a table he never sat at and a trunk of donated clothes, ill fitting and second hand.

With a slight nod she indicated her partner to lift the blade from his neck allowing Kane to sit up – He was sure those eyes glowed – She stood and offered a hand to help him to his feet.

“I think I like you…” She said with a smile. “…But we have a lot to talk about…”


Anne Harrison 30.03.17

Nobody Cares 

It can take weeks to pick yourself up from the edge of despair. 

Then hidden within kind regards are two simple words… 

‘Nobody Cares’

All kind regards fly into insignificance,  for my mind can only replay two words… 

‘Nobody Cares’ 

The record broken,  lines scratched… Nothing NOTHING else consumes my thoughts like those two words…

‘Nobody Cares’ 

I care

I’m nobody 

Anne Harrison 30.93.17

On the Ledge

A Personal Blog


I had a dip, you might have noticed in some earlier thoughts I shared, mainly regarding losing my Mother and being reminded of this by the fact that my Parents Wedding Anniversary and Mothers Day being within three days of each other.

My Blog is my safe little corner of this cyber world, here I have always felt safe to express myself and write more than I could ever say in person and I write only a fraction of what I would like to say.

Having this space has given me the ability to work through my emotions and safely express myself, no one is forced to read my words and no one is obliged to reply, which places me in a comfortable situation. My life is interwoven with my ongoing ‘Not-so-short-short-story’ and I can find some measure of peace of mind.

A fellow Blogger recently sent me these precious words of wisdom:

Image result for anne frank quotes about writing

So I started to write, and write I did… It took me three days to write the following notes and even though I know I am not an expert in such thingies, you need to understand that I wrote these words for me… I know that sounds selfish, yet at the same time, I am sharing them… Because maybe, only maybe, they just might resonate to someone else out there in cyberspace…

*Dedicated to all those who find themselves lingering on the ledge*



With Love,

Anne Harrison 30.03.17

Realm of Dreams 

I was in an asylum 

On the wrong side of the bed

I offered to shift sides 

To lay where the demons dwell

Laid down my head

Laid down my pencil tins

Wrapped under covers still cold

A patient had scissors 

Pointed to his own chest 

The dog slipped off its lead

And I could not rest 

Old friends haunted my space 

Old faces I’d rather forget 

Infest my dreams with memories 

Crippled with guilt 

I lay by the demons

Who breathe down my neck 

I’m cold 

I stroke the pencil tin

The metal soothing 

My fractured soul 

Anne Harrison 29.03.17

Work in Progress

This is what the current working notes chaos mess is like, what I carry around in the black hole of my bag and add to bits when I’m waiting for a bus or otherwise randomly inspired.

Apologies – I write in pencil a lot – also there is a random spoiler somewhere in the scribbles, but you might not be able to decipher my dreadful handwriting and atrocious spelling… (Hopefully) …

… Sharing this and The Not-So Old Notes as a little oddity into my random writing process…




Anne Harrison 29.03.17

The Not-So Old Notes

Finding scribbles of notes which never came to be…

… Discovered at the bottom of my bag while searching for a Theatre Tickets that I swore I printed off weeks ago, instead I discovered all these random musings…



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Anne Harrison 29.03.17