Part 36

A noble death…

“Fendor?” The Queen carefully wiped blood from her bottom lip, still standing tall and proud before the traitor and the unknown woman seated with the heads of her husband and son by her feet…

“I must congratulate you, for finding the courage to do what I could not.”

“Do you think your fancy words will save you?

“Not at all, I expect my head to rot along side the man I hated.”

“For your inability to act, your majesty, I fear you are correct.” Fendor remained respectful.

“What became of Alleia? I notice her head is not among your collection, yet I expect you would not care for a Royal babe, even if Pepe was not the father.” There was no point hiding facts at this time…

Fendor glanced at the woman on the throne, then stepped closer to The Queen. “Your daughter will join your family in death,  once the child is born.”

The Queen frowned, “Why? Why would a bastard child be worth saving?”

“Pepe wanted it… ” The woman lied, “…it was part of the price for his land.”

Such bitter lies.

“Allow me to introduce myself, I am Novana, from the land beyond the wastelands.” That much was not a lie, but there was still a lot The Queen failed to understand and she saw no answers forthcoming,  even on the verge of death, so many questions…

Novana stood,  stepping over the fallen heads… she reached out and handed The Queen a vial of poison.

“Wait…” She turned to Fendor “…You know who the father is!”

He nodded “Aye, a guard, one of my men, a common soldier, nothing more.”

“That doesn’t make sense?”

“Not everything does your highness.” Novana replied,  gesturing to the small bottle… “We would prefer not to have to force this down your throat… it won’t hurt.” She smiled,  more lies.

Her hand was shaking as she lifted the poison to her lips. “Even a common soldier can be a good father.” She said, grasping for some measure of hope before death…

But there was to be no answer,  they stood together,  watching,  compelling. Novana reached out and took Fendor by the hand. A gesture The Queen noticed, just as she supped the deadly poison…

Anne Harrison 26.02.17


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