Part 34

Half Truths and Twisted Lies

“General?!” Alleia gasped… The Prince by her side dare not look up.

“Why?” That accursed word escaped her lips and Fendor launched himself at her with a shocking stinging backhand that caused her to tumble into her brother…

“Why?” Fendor seethed, his words hushed, yet he was in her face. “I will tell you why precious doll… Why, is spending six years of your life seeking a ‘powerful magical threat’ that turns out to be a frightened little girl… Why, is watching this obnoxious fool…” He poked The Prince in his chest, “…pluck the crystal from her body and destroy her without thinking… Why, is watching Kane kill her loyal Guardian without hesitation… Why, is watching a power hungry King destroy his people, murder society, poison the earth and corrupt his children, so he could get fatter, richer, more powerful, own more yet squeeze the life from society… Why, is because I have ‘watched’ enough, I have seen too much horror in the name of your father, too many people have died Alleia. Do you not see? Something had to be done, someone had to stop your father before he learnt what you were carrying in your womb…” His tone of voice had risen as he ranted. Tears ran freely down Alleia’s face, her brother trembled and the woman seated on the throne stood and simply placed a hand upon Fendor’s shoulder.

He stood and turned away from them, pacing behind the throne, agitated.

“Do you have any idea of the power which grows within you?” The woman clutched Alleia’s chin hard, tilting her head back.

“No, but..but.. but.. I think it might be a boy…” Alleia struggled to control the tremor in her voice, she looked to The General, trying to understand why someone so loyal, so close to the King would betray him so coldly. He looked alien without his uniform, his hair gone, harder, darker, older… “What happened to Kane?” She dared to ask, even though her own emotions were still cloudy regarding the soldier, Alleia feared Kane too was in on the conspiracy.

“That is none of your concern.” The Woman replied and pulled Alleia to her feet. “You will live out the rest of your term locked and bolted in the tower, but rest assured sweet Princess, the day your child draws breath shall be your last.” Guards closed in to restrain Alleia.

“As for you, little Prince…” The Woman dragged the coward to his feet. “For stupidly destroying the most magical creature without a care, there can be only one fate…”

Fendor had circled around behind the throne as they spoke, stalking around the prone Prince, Alleia noticed his actions just too late to warn her brother and Fendor’s wickedly sharp sword severed the young Princes head…

Anne Harrison 24.02.17


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